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Are you secretly worried about the consequences of your failure to properly respond to your current legal situation? Do you wake up every morning with a sick feeling in your stomach when you think about the current cost to hire an attorney? Is the current legal situation hanging over your head causing stress on your marriage or relationship?

If any of this sounds like you I have great news here at Advocates for Justice we have legal documents already drafted and ready for your download so you can file these documents in your case without the interference of an attorney, even if you have no prior legal experience. Our documents are affordably priced and I can assure you our documents are much less expensive than sitting on your hands and doing nothing.

If you are facing wage garnishment, foreclosure, credit card lawsuit, 3rd part debt collection, medical collections you are in luck. We draft legal document for all kinds of legal situations take a look at our inventory of legal documents here in our website. If you need something not listed please send me an email and we will figure out what needs to be done to get you what you need to win in court today.

We provide a great personalized legal service and personalized document drafting for almost any cause of action.We don’t charge for phone consultations, nor do we charge to respond to emails. Our goal is to help you do it on your own or to assist you in reaching your goals with our documents and or coaching. Our website blog section showcases some of the cases we have helped other’s win.

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Advocates for Justice ” We Are Different And We Prove It”

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Our Document Service Works in 3- Steps:

  1. The document you purchase will be available after payment. You will need to scroll to the bottom of the page after payment and click on return to store page then you will need to type in your email address to be able to download your document. (we accept Google Wallet, Facebook Payments, Walmart to Walmart and more.)
  2. You will need to replace the red writing in the document with your information, the debt collector’s mailing address, and account number (or court information and case #).
  3. Print the document and file it in court or mail it to the 3rd party collector.
  4. We will provide you with a free 15-min. Review of the document you purchase and answer any question you have. We also provide 24/7 email and phone support after the sale.

Advocates for Justice can assist you in increasing your credit score today!

Our Documents Can Assist in Achieving The Following Goals:

  1. Remove Old Medical Debts From Your Credit Report.
  2. Attack Old Credit Card Collections.
  3. Provide Affirmative Answers and Defenses To The Debt Collector’s Lawsuits.
  4. Defend Against Foreclosure Proceedings.
  5. Defense in Traffic Court.
  6. Defend Against Civil Action.
  7. Defend Against Wage Garnishment
  8. Defend Against Civil Action.
  9. Address a Hostile Work Environment.
  10. Landlord Tenant Disputes Actions.

The Benefits To The Consumers Who Use Our Documents:

  1. Credit Score Increased In a Very Short Amount of Time.
  2. Keep More Of Their Hard Earned Money in Their Pockets.
  3. Qualify for Better Financing.
  4. No More Harassing Phone Calls.
  5. We Do Not Handle Any of Our Client’s Personal Information.

Our Credit Repair Documents Pricing Start at 75.00:

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