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The "Do It Yourself" Legal Options Is The Wave of The Future In Affordable Legal Defense. Our Legal Documents And Strategies Help Clients Get Control Of Their Foreclosure Even If They Have No Prior Legal Experience. 

At Our Legal Documents Help Families Stay in Their Homes Longer And Avoid Filing Bankruptcy to Stop The Foreclosure. You Will Save Money By Personalizing The Documents Yourself And Filling Them Without The Assistance of an Attorney. We Provide Phone Support So You Are Not Alone!  

Our affordable foreclosure defense documents are easy to personalize and we will answer any questions you have along the way. Don't file Bankruptcy to buy time, file documents to vacate the judgment today! 

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Any documents you file from our website will have to be responded to by the opposing party. Depending on the court system, you will have delayed the response to the banks lawsuit by two or three months with each document you file. Time is on your side and the longer your case goes, the more money it costs the opposing party and more chances of them making significant mistakes. The money saved from not making mortgage payments during this time frame can be used to defend your property in foreclosure court. Now you have an affordable foreclosure defense option and a plan to fund your foreclosure defense. Download your foreclosure defense legal document today.


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Sale Priced!

1. Foreclosure Defense Lawsuit For Due Process Violation:

This Lawsuit will address your due process violations and lack of access to the proper court. The courts trick people and take their property without going into the right court where you have Constitutional Rights! The price of this document is $1,200.00 and it will stop your auction sale and/or foreclosure! This document is on sale for. This document was up-graded 6-2-2018



4. Motion To Object To The Order To Pay Attorney Fees Because The Attorney Violated the Principles Of Law

In this document we request the court vacate the judgment against the property and to award the defendant’s legal expenses and punitive damages for the attorney’s fraudulent actions in the amount of double what the attorney is demanding. The attorney, in this case, was wrongfully awarded my property based on false information. This document came out pretty strong! It is New and on sale for 150.00 until further notice. This document will address the request that you pay for the attorney crappie work, it will also request to have the judgment "Vacated" That is Huge! All for 150.00.

7. Qualified Written Request

This qualified written request is not like anything you will find for sale on the internet. This document demands specific accounting documents from the bank that will prove the true nature of the alleged loan. This document will change the posture of your foreclosure today. Check out our great Google reviews! They are 100% 5-Stars.

The price of this document is $700.00 and it is one of the main documents our clients use in our stop foreclosure webinar training program.  

10. Motion To Dismiss Foreclosure If The Bank Failed To Serve You The Notice Of Default!

This motion is completely legitimate and can get your case dismissed. If The bank failed to serve you the notice of default.

If the Judge rules against your motion, you will have 20 days from that date to file your response to the bank’s lawsuit. Depending on the court system, you will have delayed the response to the banks lawsuit by two or three months with each motion you file. 

In many circuits, especially large cities, the dockets are so full that you will be lucky to have to only wait 3 months for a hearing date. This is all in your favor. Time is on your side and the longer your case goes, the more money it costs the opposing party and more chances of them making significant mistakes.

Now you can take your chances at getting the case dismissed while delaying your response to their lawsuit.  

Sale Priced At 400.00  


2. Objection And "Notice Of Claim" For The Judge's Ruling Outside Of The Law

This document is an objection to the Judge’s ruling in the case, and your notice of claim against the Judge For Due Process violations. The grounds for this document are sound and this document has several Stops in court. This document would be perfect to use if you have a Non- Judicial or Judicial Foreclosure Judgment ruled against you. This document places the Judge on notice. After you file it their statute mandates you have to wait 60- days before you can file your Lawsuit. But under Common Law, if you can show that you are continually being injured you can sidestep the waiting period and file your lawsuitt. You are now addressing your objection to the judged order, and placing Him/Her on notice.  

The Sale price of this document is $350.00.  


This Is A Very Short List Of Legal Documents We Have Available. If You Don't See The Document You Need Please Contact me at or just give me a call at 913-240-0227

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Do Not Restrict your chances to win by listening and believing what B.A.R. member tell you. How many of these excused have you heard that stopped you from taking action? 1. We can't file anything because the case is closed! 2. The Judge will just throw it out! 3. You owe the debt! 4. The Judge will be pissed! 5. it’s too late because you failed to answer! All of these excuses are Bull! Step Up And Take Action Now!

Advoccates For Justice Paralegal Services+ "WE'RE DIFFERENT AND WE PROVE IT"  

9. Motion To Dismiss A Credit Card Lawsuit

This document will address several fatal flaws to the credit card lawsuit against you. This document had several wins and has never been defeated in court on the merits. We have this Stop Credit Card Lawsuit document on Sale for 700.00

11. Restraining Order And Injunction To Block the Lender From Controlling The Property.

 This very powerful Restraining Order/ Injunction is demanding the court to block the lender from controlling the property and or commercial use until the court has ruled on all of the pending pleadings. The grounds for granting this motion are very compelling and this document is affordable priced at 300.00  

3. Sanction Motion

This is one of the first documents I suggest clients file in their foreclosure case. This document addresses the issues the attorney ignored in their hurry to steal your property. This document will hold the attorney liable for the attack on your property.

The price of this document is $700.00

5. Motion To Dismiss For Lack Of Jurisdiction And Homeowners Due Process Violation

This Motion to dismiss for lack of jurisdiction and homeowners due process violations is very powerful. If your foreclosure just started or if it had been going on for a while this document will throw a wrench in their unlawful proceedings. This document is on sale for 400.00

  Great For A Non- Judicial or Judicial Foreclosure Judgment Against Your Property!


This document contains all the information and the actual names of the Bank's accounting document you need to will show the predatory lending practices the bank did to you at the beginning of the loan. This document will prove you are the injured party here! This document is Sale Priced at 600.00.00 

This document could put you in the drivers seat with your foreclosure for only 600.00

12. Response To The Pre-Foreclosure Letter

This package deal contains the first 3- documents you will be filing in your foreclosure case if the bank decide to move forward after seeing how much time and money you will be costing them to respond to the documents in this package. The goal of our documents is to keep you in your home and to get evidence on the record for your lawsuit against them. This is a different approach, we will be working to cut to the chase. In most foreclosure cases the documents are filed one at a time while you are running back and forth to court. This approach will allow the attorneys understand the time commitment and financial expenses required to follow through with the unlawful foreclosure on your home. As added value when you purchase this foreclosure defense package you will receive the “Law School Foreclosure Defense” Book (PDF) that will educate you with more facts you need to protect your home. You will start out with the motion for Sanctions against the attorney for their failure to do a reasonable pre-filing investigation. Your argument will be, had the attorney performed a reasonable pre-filing investigation he/she would have uncovered the facts in the 3 documents included in this package deal. The following documents will be included in this foreclosure defense package: 1. Motion for Sanctions against the attorney. 2. Motion to demand Verification of the Debt. 3. Motion to Dismiss The Foreclosure Action For Predatory Lending Practices. 

This Document is sale priced at 700.00 for a limited time. Order it today and save money!  

Order Summary
# 9- Motion To Dismiss The Credit Card Lawsuit

Order Summary
# 6- Stop Foreclosure Webinar Training Program

Order Summary
# 3- Motion For Sanction

Order Summary
# 1- Foreclosure Defense Lawsuit For Due Process Violation:

Order Summary
# 2- Objection And "Notice Of Claim" For The Judge's Ruling Outside Of The Law

Order Summary
# 8- Motion To Vacate Foreclosure Judgment For Predatory Lending Practices

Order Summary
# 4- Motion To Object To The Order To Pay Attorney Fees, Because The Attorney Violated The Principles of Law

Order Summary
# 5- Motion To Dismiss For Lack Of Jurisdiction And Due Process Violations In Foreclosure Court

Order Summary
12. Response To The Pre-Foreclosure Letter

Order Summary
# 11- Restraining Order And Injunction To Block the Lender From Controlling The Property

Order Summary
# 10- Motion To Dismiss Foreclosure If The Bank Failed To Serve You The Notice Of Default!

Order Summary
# 9- Motion To Dismiss The Credit Card Lawsuit

Questions And Answers Section

How does this work?

It's simple: Once you pay for your document you will be prompted to download the document in a word format. You will need to personalize the document by replace the red font with the court heading, your personal information and some facts of your situation. If you have any questions about preparing the document all you need to do is give me a call, or send me an email to and I will answer your question.  


What kind of results can I expect? 

You should expect to stall your foreclosure 1-3 months for each document you file without the interference of an attorney. We will help you get the evidence on the record you need to prove fraud and place yourself in position to take control of the foreclosure. Mary Hopson (a client who left us a very touching google review) has held the bank off for more than 9-months while getting her evidence on the court record. We put together the documents she needed to file her lawsuit in Federal Court against the attorneys and the bank. Now the tables are turned and the bank and attorneys will be getting served. The attorneys and the bank will have to spend money to hire Federal Attorneys to represent them in court. Federal Court is dragging their feet and talking a very long time to serve the parties. The Hopson family is still living in their home and now suing the bank for breach of contract the same reason the bank sued the Hopson family in the first place. How Ironic it that! We can help you do the same thing Mary has done.  

Are you an attorney?

NO, I'm not an attorney and I do not use the same strategies attorney's use in court. I think outside the box without fear! The conventional foreclosure defense strategy only 3 options, loan modification, short sale or bankruptcy. These strategies were designed by the banks attorneys and none of them will result in you being able to stay in your home in the end!

We Currently have offices in Chandler, AZ and Dover, FL.

We sell our documents all over the United States.

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Are there any hidden fees?

No hidden fees you pay for the document and then you down load it to your computer and thats it!

What if I have questions about how to fill out the document?

If you have any questions about how to fill out the document you purchased give me a call or send me an email and I will walk you through the process and make sure you understand everything you will need to know.

Guy Neighbors: 913-240-0227

Are your documents affordable?

"Yes" and I can assure you my legal documents are affordable much less expensive than hiring an attorney or doing nothing at all to get your foreclosure under control!

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