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Times have changed, I’ can teach you how to stop your foreclosure without expensive attorney fees even if that sounds like a ridiculous statement right now. I will provide you with the secret weapon to file in your foreclosure case and I’ will reveal a simple way to guarantee you get your evidence on the court record even if you have never filed anything in court before.

But before we dive into all the good stuff I just want to take a second to check in with you to see where you are at.

Does this sound like you?

  1. Do you wake up in the morning with that sick to your stomach feeling you get when you worry about your family becoming homeless?
  2. Do you secretly wonder if today will be the day the Sheriff Deputy will show up to change the locks on the doors?
  3. Is the stress of the foreclosure affecting your marriage and other family relationships?

Do you secretly worry that time is running out and that if you don’t do something soon, you might lose everything?

Well if any of this sounds like you I have great news your dream has come true!

Now, You Have A Choice you can continue to feel sick in the mornings, you can continue to let the stress build like a wedge between your relationship while both you and your spouse stress over the foreclosure or you can figure out a way to pay for our New Triple Threat Foreclosure Defense 3 Document Package and get Your Foreclosure Stopped Today. This foreclosure defense document package has 4 foreclosure stops in the last 2 months.

The Old Way To Stop Foreclosure:

The old way to stop foreclosures is to hire an attorney and pay a 5-k retainer fee, plus between 250.00 per hour to 500.00 for representation. The retainer fee is almost used up after the 1st hearing to argue motion. Most people who follow this path ends up paying thousands of dollars in attorney’s fees only to end up doing a loan modification. The problem with the loan modification is the attorney failed to advise you to make a new contract with the actual lender so the reduced payments are made to the company who services the loan and the original contract is still in place so, on record, you are still in default. This is generally when you will get “Eviction Notice” to vacate the property in 30 day. The old way sucks because the attorneys never hold each other accountable and they never use strategies that will end the dispute. The old way is B.S. because the attorneys never file the money trail in the court record to prove a breach of contract.

The New Way To Stop Foreclosure:

The new way to stop foreclosures is to use a powerful combination of legal documents and unconventional strategies to hold the attorneys liable for his/her actions and failure to file the proper documents in the beginning of the case. One of the very effective strategies we also use in our documents is to demand specific accounting records from the banks that will prove in court that you have been a victim of predatory lending practices. We know which accounting records to demand and what Federal Laws to use to force the Bank to provide you with the evidence against them you need to win in foreclosure court before trial. The Google reviews are from recent foreclosure stops our clients have enjoyed and we can coach you to get the exact same results. Our documents come with 45-min. Coaching session and email support.


Stop Living In Fear!

Buy The Complete 3 Document Package For Best Results, or Buy The Documents One At A Time To File In Your Foreclosure:


This Trippe Threat Foreclosure Legal Document Package has been used to stop four foreclosures to date Check out the Google review:

If you would like to sign up for a free consultation after you make a purchase please fill out the Break Through Secession Appointment Application at the bottom of the page and then you can click on the Free Consultation Icon at the bottom right hand cornet of the page and grab a time that works best for you and I will be calling you at that time so we can chat and figure out if this will work for both of us.


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Our Document Service Works in 3- Steps:

  1. The document you purchase will be available after payment. You will need to scroll to the bottom of the page after payment and click on return to store page then you will need to type in your email address to be able to download your document. (we accept Google Wallet, Facebook Payments, Walmart to Walmart and more.)
  2. You will need to replace the red writing in the document with your information, the debt collector’s mailing address, and account number (or court information and case #).
  3. Print the document and file it in court or mail it to the 3rd party collector.
  4. We will provide you with a free 15-min. Review of the document you purchase and answer any question you have. We also provide 24/7 email and phone support after the sale.



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