Can you really stop a foreclosure sale or eviction without an attorney?  

YES, you can stop a foreclosure or eviction Pro se (without an attorney); but you will need some professional help from a paralegal who has been through the same craziness you are facing now. I can answer your questions and provide you with the tools you need to get control of your foreclosure situation before your family is displaces. If you cannot afford to hire an attorney Advocates for Justice Paralegal Service, can help you do it pro se with professional paralegal litigation support documents and services. If you need to stop your foreclosure, or stop an eviction, and you cannot afford to hire a competent foreclosure defense attorney, or you do not want to work with an attorney, Advocates for Justice Paralegal Services Litigation Support, can help you by providing you with professional paralegal support products, Pro se education a training curriculum, legal document preparation, and ongoing litigation support. If you are looking for a cost effective alternative to learning how to fight back in foreclosure, Advocates for Justice Paralegal Service can help you save time and money with full service Pro se legal documents and support services. We specialize in foreclosure defense and we are very good at what we do. You have many foreclosure defense option attorneys don’t tell you about. Call today for your free review, we can help you put together a game changing strategy for your foreclosure situation, or scroll down and get the document you need to make a difference in your fight to save your home from unlawful foreclosure. We are posting our newest foreclosure defense document to attack a Non- Judicial Foreclosure. The documents listed below is a short list of what we have in our inventory.  

Our Strategy: 

One of our clients sent us this Youtube video that covers our strategy very clearly. Our legal documents help you attack the defects in both the court processes and the alleged mortgage loan. We will help you get the defects on the court record. Check out the video below, we teach you how to do the same thing this guy is teaching, but we show you how do it in foreclosure court using our legal documents. 

This is one of our newest Google Reviews:

Cheryl Howard 2 reviews 3 days ago- The best google search find ever “Advocates for justice paralegal services” that helped me during an extremely stressful time… facing a foreclosure sale date within a couple of days. I called the number listed on the site and this “Guy” answered the phone and addressed my questions/concerns and I purchased document #6. Success! I have a halt on sale and a hearing. Guy is a great person to have on your team, his concern, responsiveness and follow-up are impeccable.

Please send me a request to join our "Foreclosure Help" (closed) Facebook group. We use the Facebook group page to communicate with clients who are using our documents. 

Explore Our Inventory Of Legal Documents:

At Advocates for Justice Paralegal Service our goal is to help clients get evidence on the record they can use to defend their property in foreclosure court. We are not attorneys and never wish to be, we are not connected to anyone but our clients. If you have an active paypal account we can set you up for our 2-payment plan and you can get your document right away.

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"Don't let the lender steal your hope"  

Foreclosure Defense Legal Documents:

# 1 - Motion To Dismiss The Foreclosure Judgment (JD)


Document #1 will be used when you have a judgment against your property already. This document also addresses the unlawful administrative procedures the attorney used to take advantage of homeowners lack of knowledge on the issues. If you’re done trying to accept the fact they unlawful stole your home and want to get back in court to fight, purchase document # 1, and give us a call today for your free review of your foreclosure situation. 

# 2- Response Package To The Bank's Pre-Foreclosure Letter 


This package deal contains the response to the banks pre- foreclosure letter and the first 3- documents you will be filing in your foreclosure case. The following documents will be included in this foreclosure defense package: 

1. The Pre-Foreclosure Response Letter.

 2. Motion for Sanctions against the attorney. 

3. Motion to demand Verification of the Debt. 

4. Motion to Dismiss The Foreclosure Action For Predatory Lending Practices.

Call today for a free review of your foreclosure situation.  

# 3- Motion To Dismiss Foreclosure Judgment For Predatory Lending Practices  


This document contains the actual names of the Banks accounting records you need to show the predatory lending practices that occured at the beginning of the loan. The banks attorney will not want this information on the court record for others to use. We cannot achieve success as long as we follow the path made by the b.a.r. members working to steal your property. The conventional foreclosure path will not lead homeowners to relief. This document could put you in the driver’s seat with your foreclosure situtation.

Call today and we will answer your questions:

# 4- Stop Eviction Package 

On Sale!


This Stop the eviction package contains two very powerful documents. The first document is a motion to dismiss the foreclosure for predatory lending practices, (listed for 325.00). This document contains the evidence you need to get on the record to defend your property. The second document is the document to stay (stop) the eviction based on the evidence in the 1st document. The second document is called "stay writ of restitution" until the motion for predatory lending practices is ruled on, (this document retails for 399.00). This package will provide you the reasons you need to demand the eviction to be stopped. This package is on sale today for 299.99. 

The court clerks tell people they can’t file any documents in a non-judicial foreclosure because they don’t have a case number. The people giving you this advice are part of the problem, as they are current of future b.a.r. members. Their advice is false, and used to steal your hope. When you purchase our document package we will teach you how to get your documents filed in the court record in your current foreclosure case. We cannot achieve success as long as we follow the path made by the b.a.r. members working to steal your property. The conventional foreclosure path will not lead homeowners to relief.

# 5- Restraining Order To Block The Eviction And Request For Emergency Hearing 


The pleadings filed in this case were not sufficient to invoke the Court's authority to act. The complaint alleged a breach of contract however the original contract was never placed on the court record. Also missing is an accounting of the money trail related to the alleged breached contract. The complaint had absolutely no evidence in support of its claims.

# 6 Temporary Restraining Order- Permanent Injunction To Block Non-Judicial Foreclosure Sale/Eviction


Stop Your Non-Judicial Foreclosure! The Supreme Court explained that because the “deed of trust scheme is a creature of statutes,” governed by State Codes a person who has defenses or objections to a properly noticed non- judicial foreclosure sale has one avenue for challenging the sale, filing a Restraining Order/ Permanent Injunction for Injunctive Relief. So to get your day in court to challenge a non-judicial foreclosure, you must file for injunctive relief against the foreclosing party. In the restraining order, you ask the court to stop the foreclosure proceedings until a Judge can hear your reasons as to why the foreclosure not proceed. Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) will convince the judge that you will suffer “irreparable injury” if the Judge doesn’t stop the foreclosure immediately. Because you will unlawfully lose your home if the foreclosure is allowed to proceed, most courts accept that a foreclosure causes irreparable injury. 

In order for the Judge to grant your restraining order the reasons in the TRO, must convince the Judge that you would win at trial. This new document was introduced the first week of December, and has 3 stops to date (Dec. 9th, 2018). We have figured out what you need to present to the Judge, and it is issues attorneys will not address, because attorneys are not interested in challenging the bank. If you are fighting a foreclosure in a Non-Judicial Foreclosure State This is the docuumet you need to defend your property. Don't wait to take action!  

Questions and Answers Section

How does this work? It's simple: Once you pay for your document you will be prompted to download the document in a word format. You will need to personalize the document by replace the red font with the court heading, your personal information and some facts of your situation. If you have any questions about preparing the document give me a call, or send me an email to  

Are You An Attorney? NO, I'm not an attorney and I do not use the same strategies attorney's use in court. The conventional foreclosure defense strategy only 3 options, loan modification, short sale or bankruptcy. These strategies were designed by the banks attorneys and none of them will result in you being able to stay in your home in the end!  

What kind of results can I expect? You should expect to stall your foreclosure 1-3 months for each document you file without the interference of an attorney. We will help you get the evidence on the record you need to prove fraud and place yourself in position to take control of the foreclosure.  

Are there any hidden fees? No hidden fees you pay for the document and after checkout the document is sent to your email address, and that it.  


What if I have questions about how to fill out the document? If you have any questions about how to fill out the document you purchased give me a call or send me an email and I will walk you through the process and make sure you understand everything you will need to know. Guy Neighbors: 913-240-0227


Key Word List - We provide home foreclosure help for homeowners behind on mortgage payments so if you received notice to vacate, or need eviction help give us a call. We are a Freelance paralegal, and we offer legal assistant, legal document services, paralegal documents, and a free legal consultation. We also teach you how to defend non judicial action.

We can show you how to prevent foreclosure, wrongful foreclosure. If you have received a foreclosure notice, foreclosure letter from the bank, or a foreclosure eviction notice you need to contact us today. We can show you how to stop a foreclosure, how to prolong foreclosure, and if you are fighting foreclosure, we can provide you with foreclosure legal advice. If you are facing a foreclosure and eviction or a foreclosure sale date or a foreclosure judgment give us a call. Our new document # 6 the restraining order/injunction has stopped 3 non-judicial foreclosire sales in its 1st week day view.  

Advocates For Justice Paralegal Service: Disclaimer: “Advocates For Justice Research” information served for educational purposes only, no liability assumed for use. The information you obtain at this site is not, nor is it intended to be, legal advice. “Advocates For Justice Research” does not consent to unlawful action. Information is intended for those men and women who are not "US CITIZENS" or "TAXPAYERS" - continued use, reference or citing indicates voluntary and informed compliance. We are a research group, we are NOT attorneys, “Do NOT” offer “Legal Advice”. It is your responsibility to apply any research from our site to whatever goal you have in mind at your own risk. The noteworthy failure of the government or any alleged agency thereof to at any time rebut anything appearing on this website constitutes a legal admission of the fidelity and accuracy of the materials presented, which are offered in good faith and prepared as such by Advocates for Justice Legal Research, and third parties affiliated or otherwise. If the government wants to assert that any of the religious and/or political statements that are not factual appearing on this website are in error, then they, as the moving party have the burden of proof, and they must responsively meet that burden of proof under the Administrative Procedures Act 5 U.S.C. §556(d) and under the due process clauses found in the Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh Amendments of the United States Constitution BEFORE there will be response to any summons, questions, or unsubstantiated and slanderous accusations. Attempts at calling presented claims "frivolous" without specifically rebutting the particular claim, or claims, deemed "frivolous" will indeed be "frivolous" and prima facie evidence that shall be used accordingly. Hey, guys, if anything on this site is found to be in error a good faith effort will be made to correct it in a timely fashion upon notification.  

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