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The Old Way To Stop Foreclosure:

The old way to stop foreclosures is to hire an attorney and pay a 5-k retainer fee, plus between 250.00 per hour to 500.00 for representation. The retainer fee is almost used up after the 1st hearing to argue motion. Most people who follow this path ends up paying thousands of dollars in attorney’s fees only to end up doing a loan modification. The problem with the loan modification is the attorney failed to advise you to make a new contract with the actual lender so the reduced payments are made to the company who services the loan and the original contract is still in place so, on record, you are still in default. This is generally when you will get “Eviction Notice” to vacate the property in 30 day. The old way sucks because the attorneys never hold each other accountable and they never use strategies that will end the dispute. The old way is B.S. because the attorneys never file the money trail in the court record to prove a breach of contract.


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The New Way To Stop Foreclosure:

The new way to stop foreclosures is to use a powerful combination of legal documents and unconventional strategies to hold the attorneys liable for his/her actions and failure to file the proper documents in the beginning of the case. One of the very effective strategies we also use in our documents is to demand specific accounting records from the banks that will prove in court that you have been a victim of predatory lending practices. We know which accounting records to demand and what Federal Laws to use to force the Bank to provide you with the evidence against them you need to win in foreclosure court before trial. The Google reviews are from recent foreclosure stops our clients have enjoyed and we can coach you to get the exact same results. Our documents come with 45-min. Coaching session and email support.




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Customer With Sketchy Request Or Grumpy Attorney Looking To Cause Trouble?

I had a customer contact me with a special request and we had to turn them away because the request was sketchy and borderline illegal. The interesting thing is the customer called from a State where a grumpy attorney has already tried to attack me claiming I was involved the unauthorized practice of law. The attorney did not know how to respond when I informed him the “Unauthorized Practice of Law” is not any law, it is a rule from the Supreme Court and it is for B.A.R. members only!

The sad thing is attorney’s who complain will not offer to the people we help because my customers cannot afford to pay an attorney thousands of dollars for extended periods of time.

I attached the letter I sent this customer informing him that I refused his contractual offer.

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Our new group Foreclosure Help will help you stay on top of the newest strategies for fighting foreclosure actions. We will be discussing cutting-edge content about the true nature of the alleged loan the bank said they provided for you. We will be discussing unconventional strategies that have been used to achieve the goal. We will also be having group discussions about companies that provide products or services needed to help defend against foreclosures. We want to know which companies deliver and which companies failed. We will allow companies who have a perfect review rating to post specials in the group from time to time. The internet is a wonderful tool and this Facebook page will bring it all together we will have members sharing new ideas and processes to use in the foreclosure fight.

We already know the conventional way to fight foreclosure with an attorney takes way too long and no one can afford to do in today world. We will offer you the opportunity to explore new ideas in foreclosure defense and possibly find great products and services that can be used to defend in foreclosure court.

So if you have figured out the conventional way to defend in foreclosure court is not getting the job done and you want to see where the new internet path will lead you join our new closed group

“Foreclosure Help” and see what your option really out there.


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This invitation is going out to over 50,000 people right now, so as you can imagine, it’s going to create a HUGE response.

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This is NOT for Everybody.

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Here Is Who I Can Help:

  1. People who understand the value of the results I will provide when we help you stop the foreclosure against your home.
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  4. People who are not worried about making the Judge angry.
  5. People who are willing to accept new information contrary to what you have been conditioned to believe to date.
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Foreclosure Google Review



Lawsuit For Breach Of Contract

What is a Breach of Contract:

A business contract creates certain obligations that are to be fulfilled by the parties who entered into the agreement. Legally, one party’s failure to fulfill any of its contractual obligations is known as a “breach” of the contract. Depending on the specifics, a breach can occur when a party fails to perform on time, does not perform in accordance with the terms of the agreement, or does not perform at all. Accordingly, a breach of contract will usually be categorized as either “material” or “immaterial” for purposes of determining the appropriate legal solution or “remedy” for the breach.

Remedies for a Breach of Contract:

When an individual or business breaches a contract, the other party to the agreement is entitled to relief (or a “remedy”) under the law. The main remedies for a breach of contract are; Damages The payment of damages — payment in one form or another — is the most common remedy for a breach of contract. There are many kinds of damages, including the following:

Compensatory damages; aim to put the non-breaching party in the position that they had been if the breach had not occurred.

Punitive damages; are payments that the breaching party must make, above and beyond the point that would fully compensate the non-breaching party. Punitive damages are meant to punish a wrongful party for particularly wrongful acts and are rarely awarded in the business contracts setting.

Legal Expenses; generally legal expenses are awarded to the winning party in a civil action.


A non-breaching party may cancel the contract and sue for restitution if the non-breaching party has given a benefit to the breaching party. “Restitution” as a contract remedy means that the non-breaching party is put back in the position it was in prior to the breach.

Buy our documents today at a bargain price and start the new winning concept managing your own case and filing your own documents we provide for you. We also provide Coaching via phone on the process necessary to get the document in the right place. When you purchase our document you will be investing in the value of the transformation our document will have on your legal situation.

We provide a great personalized legal service and personalized document drafting for almost any cause of action. We offer mediation services, foreclosure defense documents, 3-rd party debt collection defense, family court strategies, probate court documents, defense against credit card lawsuits, wage garnishment prevention documents and much more. We don’t charge for phone consultations, nor do we charge to respond to Emails.

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Our Legal System Is Broken!

In my opinion, our legal system does not address the situation when corporations violate Federal Acts and injury State Citizens. The current Legal System is set up so no one can enter unless you can afford an attorney. Not many of my friends can afford an attorney. Can you afford to hire an attorney, if your answer is no, you are in luck?

If you are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve your goal we can help you with the documents you need to get yourself in court or out of court it’s that simple. Corporations violate Federal Acts, and Regulations all the time and no one can hold them accountable in court unless you can hire an attorney. Times have changed!

Buy our documents today at a bargain price and start the new winning concept managing your own case and filing your own documents we provide for you. We also provide Coaching via phone on the process necessary to get the document in the right place. When you purchase our document you will be investing in the value of the transformation our document will have on your legal situation.

We provide a great personalized legal service and personalized document drafting for almost any cause of action. We offer mediation services, foreclosure defense documents, 3-rd party debt collection defense, family court strategies, probate court documents, defense against credit card lawsuits, wage garnishment prevention documents and much more. We don’t charge for phone consultations, nor do we charge to respond to emails. Our goal is to help you do it on your own or to assist you in reaching your goals with our documents and or coaching. Our website blog section showcases some of the cases we have helped other’s win

Complaint / Notice of Claim Against Miami Florida’s Metropole South Beach Hotel-Apartments

This is Lisa Story:

Miami Metropole South Beach Hotel Apartments Big Mistake!

My Family and I went on vacation to Miami, Fl. We stayed in the Metropole Hotel Apartments ( big mistake). We checked in and went straight to our suite only to find a dirty nasty room with dirty bedding. I immediately stopped housekeeping and asked her to clean the room, she said ok she will come back in one hour. She never came back. I saw her again hours later and she informed me of the manager telling her not to clean the room because we were not due for a cleaning because we had just moved in. I was trying to explain to her that the room was not cleaned when we checked in, so we went back and forward and I said forget it. I called down stairs and spoke with the front desk clerk explained the situation to him he said OK I’ll send someone up. We left for dinner made it back to the hotel. Housekeeping came in and swept but unfortunately, they did not change the nasty bedding. I immediately called and let the front desk clerk know that the bedding had not been changed, his response was on I will send clean sheets up , I asked him was someone going to change the sheets he said no housekeeping has found for the night and I will have to change them myself,,,, I’m like WTH I advised you of this when I first checked in now I have to charge dirty sheets that a total stranger had slept on and the clerk said yes you have to change them yourself so I did.
The very next morning I spoke with Millie Ortiz the general manager, I let her know everything that had transpired and asked her to refund me for the remainder of the days that I had booked for. She said you are free to go but you will not get your money back under any circumstances and advised me to call reservations and speak to Catalina the reservations manager.

I called to speak with Catalina but she was on vacation. I went back to the hotel and let Millie know that Catalina was on vacation at this point Millie offered us another room, we moved to that room only to find out the A/C was out, had to move my family again and 11:30 pm omg!  Ok so we moved to that room only to get up the next morning to find a nasty bloody towel tucked at the head of the bed where me and my children slept all night, I call housekeeping in to remove it and to let Millie’s know about this incident she brushed it off and did not take me seriously I asked her again to give me a refund and let me go. This place was nasty my son was itching and crying the entire night it was like we were being held hostage because they refused to refund my money and we were forced to stay in that nasty place.

Our vacation was ruined because they were too greedy to refund me and let me go to another hotel. Below is my claim for “Breach of Contract” against Metro Hotel Apartments for failure to provide me and my family with the services I contracted for and failure to provide the standard of service required by State Florida Licensing Agencies.

Contract law allows a person to dissolve and or rescind a contract for failure to provide full disclosure. After arriving at the Metropole South Beach Hotel Apartments it became clear the facility was not as advertised in their website and when I demanded a refund for the rest of my vacation I was refused and thus the nature of this claim.

If the actual claim is filed I will be demanding compensatory, punitive damages plus legal expenses.

Lisa Evans Notice of Claim For Breach of Contract 7-28-17

Please be Advised.

Clearwater, Dentist Mamata Ponnagati Failed To Provide Quality Service And Refused To Provide a Refund!

I went to visit Doctor Mamata Ponnagati, DMD PA, Oct 10, 2016, because I needed a root canal on my lower right side. After the first visit, Doctor Ponnagati said I needed a root canal and after that, she will be able to build the bridge that I needed. I had the root canal done by Doc Ross, somebody that her office recommended. On Nov 22, 2017, I returned to Doctor Ponnagati’s and we agreed to the contract that she would manufacture the bridge that I needed at the price of 2500.00 I’ agreed to having her provide the services that I needed based on the information posted on her business web showing Dr. Mamata Ponnaganti, practice is committed to delivering results, service, patient education and staying current with current with new procedures and technology. We started the process necessary to manufacture the bridge and the process was finished on March 2017.

Around the middle of May, I started to feel discomfort and pain on my right side of my mouth. A month later I went to visit a dentist at USF, He told me that the bridge was manufactured incorrectly with two open margins. The Doctor recommended that I return to see Dr. Ponnagati to discuss this problem and figure out a solution. I went back to Dr. Mamata Ponnaganti’s office, with the X-rays the Doctor provided showing the problem and I tried to explain Dr. Ponnagati the problem I was having with her product and what the other Doctors told me, and she became very agitated and upset.

She told me first that I had a gum problem, then said that I waited too long, and then that I needed a root canal. During this visit, Dr. Ponnagati was extremely rude intimidating and very unprofessional which made me feel very uncomfortable. I went back to Doctor Ross, he examined me, did another root canal and told me the bridge was not made correctly again, this was the second professional opinion confirming poor quality work performed by Dr. Mamata Ponnaganti. I went to see another dentist, Dr. Antonio Yuway, to have a third medical opinion and he told me the same thing the bridge was not done correctly.

I paid Dr. Ponnagati $ 2500.00 for the work she did, and because of her poor quality work and failure to up hold her part of the contractual agreement I’m suffering pain on the right side of my mouth. I cannot use the device and I cannot eat using the right side of my mouth because of the pain and discomfort. I had to pay out of pocket to have 3 other doctor’s opinion before I can file my “Notice of Claim” to allow the Statutory 60 –day time frame to begin before I file my actual “Claim” for damages.

I will not go back to Dr. Ponnagati again because of her bullying, unprofessional behavior, and very poor quality work and service, she clearly is not interested in providing me the level of professionalism and customer services she mentions on her website whereby she is in breach of contract.

I’ demand to have my 2500.00 returned to me via U.S. Mail and I demand not to be contacted by anyone from Dr. Ponnagati’s office about this issue except in writing. Any attempts by Dr. Ponnagati’s office to contact me verbally will be considered harassment and my legal team will address the issue in court with additional civil filings. I also demand legal fees to be paid to me in the amount to be calculated by the jury at the end of this action for breach of contract.

This “Notice of Claim” is to inform you of my claim and to allow you the opportunity to cure the dispute. At this point, I only want my 2500.00 refunded so I can shop elsewhere for the services that I need. When the actual claim is filed I will be demanding punitive and compensatory damages and what the court deems just and proper.

My legal team will wait 2 weeks after you receive this document to file the claim as your failure to respond within this time frame will indicate your position on the issue is unchanged and we will proceed. The statutory time frame mandated for giving notice ends when it is clear the dispute cannot be settled.

Below is My “Notice of Claim” for breach of contract.

Karla Maddreys Letter To The Doctor 8-9-2017

Karla Madderys Notice of Claim pdf 8-9-17

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