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Notice Of Lawsuit For HIPAA Breach Of Your Private Health Care Information

When your health care providers provide any part of your private healthcare information to sub-contractor including but not limited to billing statements, (and other documentation showing procedures that were performed and billed to the to you) it is a breach of your private healthcare  information and a violation of HIPAA Federal Law.

All sub-contractors (including 3rd party debt collectors) are mandated to have the same systems in place for security and protection before they can have access your private information. With this document you can file your lawsuit against the health care provider and the 3rd party debt collector for violation of HIPAA laws.

This notice of claim is also your actual claim all you would need to change is the document title to “Claim” and file it in court this 2-documents in one strategy will save you money.

In the Lawsuit we are demanding to have the 3rd party debt collector contact the credit reporting agency and remove the false information they have reported to them. We demand that all evidence of collection attempts be removed from your file. This worked for 2 of the 3 win’s this document has and when the collector removed their false information our customers credit score increased on the same day.

In my opinion, our legal system does not address the situation when corporations violate Federal Acts and injury State Citizens. The current Legal System is set up so no one can enter unless you can afford an attorney. Not many of my friends can afford an attorney. Can you afford to hire an attorney, if your answer is no, you are in luck?

If you are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve your goal we can help you with the documents you need to get yourself in court or out of court it’s that simple. Corporations violate Federal Acts, and Regulations all the time and no one can hold them accountable in court unless you can hire an attorney.

Buy This document today at a bargain price and start the new winning concept managing your own case and filing your own documents we provide for you. We also provide Coaching via phone on the process necessary to get the document in the right place. When you purchase our document you will be paying for the value of the transformation our document will have on your legal situation.

Its time for you to take control buy this document and let’s get started on your journey!

Update On This Posting: I Was Financially Taken Advantage Of By Peoria Nissan Car Dealership In Peoria Arizona, Because I’m A Young Women!

We have been informed The Nissan dealership in Peoria AZ, had decided to return Miss. Jane Doe’s Money, take back their junk vehicle back and unwind the loan at the bank so the return it will not affect her credit score. This is a nice win for Jane now she can find herself a vehicle with value and avoid dragging her kids on the transit bus in 100-degree heat.

We are excited our “Qualified Written Request” document and communication strategies convinced the car dealership to make things right with Jane.

We can help you with this kind of problem at an affordable price Call Now

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Stop Wage Garnishment

Know your Rights! Do you need to stop a creditor from garnishing your wages? CALL US FOR HELP TODAY, THE CALL IS FREE!

Assuming that you have ignored the creditors demands and now they are ready to come after your paycheck! Here are some options:

2. FILE A MOTION TO CHALLENGE THE GARNISHMENT! Advocates of Justice has a document you can use to file your challenge.

The creditor sent you a demand letter and you did nothing. Now you have received copies of the garnishment order and notice of the garnishment from your employer! Let us do some research and see if it is a legitimate claim. Many times they are just 3rd party collectors trying to go after a debt that is already been charged off, using tricky tactics to make you think they have a claim!

Advocates of Justice has a document for you to file in court  to Challenge the garnishment and request a hearing. 

Is the creditor trying to garnish you for too much money? Here are some facts:

Under federal law, your creditor can only garnish the lower of:

  • 25% of your disposable earnings (gross pay less taxes and mandatory deductions), or
  • your disposable earnings less 30 times the federal minimum wage

If you are being garnished for child support or alimony, then up to 50% or 60% of your disposable earnings are subject to garnishment. Garnishments for student loan debts and IRS taxes are also subject to a different computation. The laws of your state may set even tighter restrictions. Check with your local court clerk.

If you find the amount of money the creditor is attempting to  garnish from your wages exceed what federal and state law allow, you should call Advocates of Justice and get the document to object to the garnishment immediately.

There are procedures the creditor must follow.If the creditor did not follow garnishment procedure, such as failing to give you timely notice of the garnishment, then Advocates for Justice has a document for you to file to request the court terminate the garnishment order. 


 at your garnishment hearing, you still have a chance to get back into court for a second hearing.

Advocates of Justice has a Document Motion you can file that requests the court vacate the judgment.  In this Motion, you will request a different hearing. You must also act quickly, as you may only have a limited period of time to pursue this remedy.


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  • FORCE THEM TO WORK! If a Bill Collector sues you, you must respond within 30 days!  Even if you owe them  money, Advocates for justice has a simple document called an “Answer”  you can file to deny the allegations.  Once you do respond and force them to work, most of the time the Collectors will either back down or offer a settlement on favorable terms.  Remember when you answer or enter anything into court you  always say you are “not guilty!” Then make them prove otherwise!
  • CHALLENGE THE COLLECTOR’S STANDING TO BRING THE SUIT!  Many collectors are from credit card debt. The collector bought the debt for pennies on the dollar.  You never contracted with them!  Advocates For Justice has a document you can file to challenge this 3rd party’s right to sue you when you never contracted them!   The collection company needs to prove they have the right to collect, as evidenced by a transfer of the signed credit card agreement (contract), in order to be in court and ask the court to win.  The right to sue is called ‘standing’ and Advocates for Justice has a document you can use to ask the court to dismiss the case for lack of standing and no chain of custody of paperwork”!
  • PROVE YOU OWE THEM! Advocates of Justice Document you file will demand to see the original signed agreement and a balance on the account from zero to the present. Most of the time, the debt has changed hands and been sold for pennies on the dollars and the Collectors will not have the documentation you are requesting to prove the debt! If they cant provide the documentation then the Lawsuit must be dismissed!
  •  HAS THE STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS EXPIRED?  In most states, creditors have a maximum of four to six years to sue to collect a debt. After that, the statute of limitations expires.  They will sue anyway hoping you don’t respond, which gives them a default win and starts the clock ticking all over again! Advocates of Justice has a document for you to challenge the statute of limitations, if it is expired you win! 
  • FILE YOUR COUNTER SUIT AGAINST THE BILL COLLECTOR IN THE SAME CASE THEY JUST BROUGHT AGAINST YOU! If a debt collector has broken the laws coming after you or violated the the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, you may be able to counter sue them. Advocates of Justice has a document called a COUNTER SUIT that you can file in the same case!  Now you as the debtor are in a position to turn the tables on the collection agency and recover damages and legal research fee’s! Your Counter Suit will entitle you as consumer to be entitled under the FDCPA to statutory damages of $1000, plus any punitive, economic damages and legal research costs.

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Advocates for Justice Paralegal service instead of a Lawyer?

What can Advocates of Justice Paralegal’s do for me?


Not all legal matters require the high price of hiring an attorney!

Advocates for Justice Paralegals are highly trained professionals.

We can conduct research.

We can prepare professional legal documents for you to file in court.

We are here for you! We strive to put you in the best position to fight and achieve your goals!  We will take your calls 24/7 for free and answer your questions to the best of our ability.

We are a non-attorney service, therefore  can not appear in court or sign legal documents on your behalf.

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My name is Guy Neighbors our profile picture shows my wife in a Federal Prison Camp. We trusted her attorney and that is where she ended up after the attorney threw her under the bus. My motivation is to make sure when I get my wife home the federal government will not want to attack her again and to help people kick their attorneys to the curb. The journey has allowed me to learn some very effective legal strategies that will make attorneys miserable in court. Generally, when people get around to needing my assistance there are very few resources from which to budget for legal services. We help people like myself and that is the reason the business was started. This business will teach people how to win in court by utilizing the tools (documents) and strategies we provide.

What The Money Will Be Used For:

The funding we are working to raise will be used for advertising, to purchase 2 laptops for our new office and to hire 3 part-time paralegals to assist with the caseload. Your contributions will earn you free shopping on our advocates for justice website. We will make sure you all have access to any documents in our inventory. We would like to increase our advertising on google Adwords Express. Google has been very successful in getting the right customers to our website. Please help Us Raise Money To Help Others.

New Divorce Document: Claim- Restraining Order / Injunction To Block an Ex- From Confiscating Your Property


This Civil Claim-Injunction/Restraining order will address the illegal theft of one’s property by a vindictive ex-lover or spouse. This particular document was drafted for the state of California. This document can be adjusted to fit in any State in a few min. If you have an ex- acting stupid and trying to steal your property this is the document you need to stick in their face. The act of conversion is a violation of tort law and carries civil liability.

Insert from the document:

Conversion (Theft) of Property:

Conversion is an intentional tort that evolved to protect against interference with possessory and ownership interests in personal property. It consists of the wrongful exercise of dominion or control over personal property, which so seriously interferes with another’s right to control the property that the converter is required to pay the other the full value of the property as damages for the conversion.

Three elements required to establish a cause of action for conversion: (1) plaintiff’s ownership or right to possession of the property at the time of the alleged conversion; (2) defendant’s conversion by a wrongful act or disposition of plaintiff’s property rights; and (3) damages.

This document is sale priced at 400.00 plus as added value you will receive for Free any other documents we have in our inventory that can assist you in achieving your goal. Our “Exempt from Filing Fee” document could save you from paying the 400.00 filing fee to start your action. This package includes the document mentioned, and a reply to the response. It will also include free any documents from our inventory that would help you achieve your goal.

You don’t have to take the crap anymore this is a great value if you are in need please give me a call today!

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Free Notice of Lawsuit Against The Judge For Holding Your Pleadings To Attorney Standard

This Document is new and came out very nice:

The federal court has been messing with us in our seat belt lawsuit by holding our pleadings to a heightened standard of a licensed attorney. Our right to due process is violated when the judge dismisses our pleading without informing and allowing us to cure the defect of the pleading. I think we have figured out a way to hold the judges accountable for their actions in court. I have been studying to understand why I have no constitutional rights in Federal court. What I figured out is the reason we have no rights in Federal Court is because the Federal court is not from the Constitution and therefore does not have to give anyone any rights. I know right, crazy.

I have more attorneys don’t have any real license to practice law they only have a B.A.R. card which admits them into a Club. Attorneys also have a certificate from college, however, it is not a license to practice law.

The problem becomes when the court holds us to the standard of a licensed attorney it is fraud because attorneys do not have a license. We have a new document we hope will force the court to follow the Constitution. The Federal statute we are using to sue the Judges, attorney’s and the B.A.R. Association for due process violations (the Tuckers act) was passed in the late 1800’s. We are posting this document free of charge if anyone uses it please leave us a google review on how the document worked for you.


Claim for Courts Due Process Violation 1-1-17

This Document is Free

Attorneys Do Not Have a Licenses To Practice Law:

Once I opened my business officially and started preparing legal documents for people to file in their cases everyone was very concerned about the government coming after us for the Unauthorized practice of law. I spend several days studying the subject and my answer based on my research is NO! attorneys do not have any licenses to practice law. They use intimidation to make people give up and just follow the trained attorney’s lead. The question is what is the attorney really trained for?

The federal government has a 98% conviction rate and the people who make up that 98% figure all had attorneys scary right. Lawyers and attorneys are not licensed to practice law the nature of Lawyer Craft in America as per the UNITED STATES Supreme Court; The practice of Law CAN NOT be licensed by any state/State. (Schware v. Board of Examiners, 353 U.S. 238, 239)
The practice of Law is AN OCCUPATION OF COMMON RIGHT! (Sims v. Aherns, 271 S.W. 720 (1925))



1. like the Actors’ Union, Painters’ Union, etc.
2. No other association, EVEN DOCTORS, issue their own license. ALL ARE ISSUED BY THE STATE.
3. The State Bar is a NON-GOVERNMENTAL PRIVATE ASSOCIATION – and dues must be current to sustain membership.

The State Bar is; an unconstitutional Monopoly. AN ILLEGAL Et CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE; Violates Article 2, Section 1, Separation of Powers clause of the Constitution. There is NO POWER OR AUTHORITY for joining of Legislative, Judicial, or Executive within a state as the BAR is attempting.

I currently have 2 civil lawsuits filed, one is against the State of Kansas, and the Lawrence Kansas police dept. and the 2nd one is a 42, u.s.c. 1985 civil action for violating my rights during the several vindictive federal cases that were filed against me. Currently, all the cases against me have been dismissed after 9 yrs of harassment. So after figuring out attorneys don’t don’t have a license I’ decided to try something very different. The attorney for the police department has been knit picking my pleading and complaining about administrative and procedural issues that are not material and side stepping responding to the pleadings on their merits. I’ figure his strategy is to win on a technicality so I decided to knit pick at him and to my delight, this issues of attorneys not having a license is very jumped out at me. The court says the law is, no one can go into court to assist unless they are a B.A.R. member and in good standing with the B.A.R. Association. No attorney will help me because filed civil against 3 federal prosecutors and I was forced to go it alone. Now if the attorney helping the police officers, the traffic court judge, and the prosecutor does not have a real license then he needs to be “Disqualified” and step aside. The police officer and other officers of the court should be forced to go it alone unless their attorney can produce his “Licenses to Practice Law” and an affidavit of fact stating that he, in fact, has a license provided for him from some agency other that the B.A.R. Association.

I don’t think the attorney for the Lawrence Kansas police dept. has a real license to practice law, so I drafted this document to move the court to Disqualify the attorney and force the officers of the court to go it alone just like they made me do. Attached is a link to the motion to disqualify the opposing side’s attorney for misrepresentation because he don’t have a license to practice law, and he is passing himself off as a licensed attorney. I’m offering this document free of charge for now. If you use it please contact me and let me know how it worked. We need reviews for our website, and I need to know how my document are working. The feedback will assist in tweaking our documents to assure we place our customer’s in the best position to win in court.

Share this link, I’ want everyone to have access to this pleading this is a great way to gain an advantage in a court hearing… just think about it, if you jam up the other side’s attorney with this pleading…. I’ really don’t think other attorneys will be lining up very fast to jump on the case against you because they too will be forced to answer to this motion.

please leave some comments as to what you think about the document. This document reflects our strategy behind our new business of preparing legal documents for people to file in their cases. My documents are very controversial as they address real issues the government, and the banks do not want people to know about.

Motion to disqualify defendants attorney 3-15-16

This is a Copy of our 1st Federal 42 U.S.C. 1985 Civil Action Against 3 Federal Prosecutors.

This is a copy of our 1st Federal Civil Action we have filed against the federal prosecutors who violated our family.

Our cases started in December of 2005, we have waited a very long time to get this action filed. We still have a long way to travel to be compensated for our injuries we sustained at the hands of these ruthless evil individuals.

Below we have our federal civil claim and our discovery demands.

Guy Neighbors_USC42_1985 Civil Action

Guy Neighbors_dISCOVERY_USC42_1985_1a (1)

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