Notice Of Lawsuit For HIPAA Breach Of Your Private Health Care Information

Now You Can Hold Them Accountable!

When your health care providers provide any part of your private healthcare information to sub-contractor including but not limited to billing statements, (and other documentation showing procedures that were performed and billed to the to you) it is a breach of your private healthcare  information and a violation of HIPAA Federal Law.

All sub-contractors (including 3rd party debt collectors) are mandated to have the same systems in place for security and protection before they can have access your private information. With this document you can file your lawsuit against the health care provider and the 3rd party debt collector for violation of HIPAA laws.

This notice of claim is also your actual claim all you would need to change is the document title to “Claim” and file it in court this 2-documents in one strategy will save you money.

In the Lawsuit we are demanding to have the 3rd party debt collector contact the credit reporting agency and remove the false information they have reported to them. We demand that all evidence of collection attempts be removed from your file. This worked for 2 of the 3 win’s this document has and when the collector removed their false information our customers credit score increased on the same day.

In my opinion, our legal system does not address the situation when corporations violate Federal Acts and injury State Citizens. The current Legal System is set up so no one can enter unless you can afford an attorney. Not many of my friends can afford an attorney. Can you afford to hire an attorney, if your answer is no, you are in luck?

If you are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve your goal we can help you with the documents you need to get yourself in court or out of court it’s that simple. Corporations violate Federal Acts, and Regulations all the time and no one can hold them accountable in court unless you can hire an attorney.

Buy This document today at a bargain price and start the new winning concept managing your own case and filing your own documents we provide for you. We also provide Coaching via phone on the process necessary to get the document in the right place. When you purchase our document you will be paying for the value of the transformation our document will have on your legal situation.

Its time for you to take control buy this document and let’s get started on your journey!



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