Advocates For Justice Dissolution Of Marriage Document Works In District Court

Advocates for justice drafted a marriage dissolution document to dissolve a marriage without assistance from an attorney, the court or the other party. The only expense you will have using our Marriage Dissolution Document is the investment you make in the document itself. My Son was the 1st to use this document and they tried to convince him that he needed to file for divorce.

They told him “so you think you can just file this and the marriage is dissolved” Well it worked check out a copy of the last page of the document showing it was file stamped and below that you can see advocates for justice.

The process is simple.

1. Purchase The Marriage Dissolution Document From Advocated for Justice.

2. Take the document to the to the district court clerk or the county recorder’s office and ask them to record the document on the record, and place in the record next to the marriage license.

Our document is on sale today for 300.00 Give us a call and ask for

Guy 913-240-0227 or email

The 1st thing the clerks will say is “so you want to get a divorce” your response is No! I’m only requesting that you record this document on the record and place a copy next to my original marriage license. The clerk will get a little grumpy because they cannot collect money from you like they do when people file for divorce. The corporations have twisted everything so we can be charged a 400.00 filing fee, attorney fees, forced to take child parenting classes and the list of hoops the corporation forces people to jump through is long. This process is perfected under contract law/ common law jurisdiction. The funny thing is when you file our document on the record they will stamp it with the same stamp the court used to stamp the marriage license. The point here is the State uses the same contract law/ common law jurisdiction to grant the divorce they have just added many steps to assure to generate revenue. The legal reasons we list in our document for marriage dissolution will dissolve your marriage from the beginning.

There is no law that states one must follow all steps the government mandates and pay the court for what can be done without payment!



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