Federal Prosecutor Terra D. Morehead’s Blatant Acts Of Prosecutorial Misconduct In The Yellow House Conviction Of Carrie Neighbors!

Two recent cases involving prosecutors with the U.S. Attorney’s office in Kansas City, Kansas, point to a problem that some criminal defense lawyers say has been building for a long time. For years, they say, a small group of federal prosecutors in KCK has run roughshod over the rights of criminal defendants. A joint investigation by KCUR and KCPT reveals an underlying pattern of bullying and intimidation that at times has valued obtaining convictions over achieving just outcomes. The two cases — one in which federal prosecutors gained access to taped attorney-client meetings at a Leavenworth prison and another in which a man spent 23 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit — and court documents offer a window into that culture.

Terra D. Morehead was the prosecutor in Guy and Carrie Neighbors Federal cases and her flagrant misconduct in the case, included:

  • Filing a Federal Case using warrants signed by a state Judge. See: The search warrant file showing the search warrants were signed by a State Judge- Forged Search Warrants 9-25-16 PDF
  • She ignored the complaint the Neighbors attorney filed to address the fact Lawrence Kansas Police Officer’s Micky Rantz and Jay Bialek were impersonating FBI during the investigation into the Neighbors 2nd hand store in an attempt to intimidate witnesses in the case. See: FBI Impersonating File Woods investigative report into Lawrence KS, Police officers Impersonating FBI In The yellow House Investigation
  • Threatening to bring contempt charges against the eyewitness and to have her children taken away if they refuse to testify what she needed to get the conviction.
  • Withholding from the court that she had threatened the eyewitness.
  • Suppressing witness statements that McIntyre did not commit the crime.
  • Forcing the defense attorneys to sign the unlawful contract agreeing not to allow the defendant to have access to their discovery or to allow the defendant to see the discovery. See: the Illegal Contract Terra D. Morehead uses to intimidate defense attorneys. See- Terra Moreheads Illegal Contract  

Carrie Neighbors was critically disadvantaged by Terra D. Morehead’s reprehensible conduct and flagrant violations of her ethical duty Carrie Neighbors conviction cannot stand!

Other files showing prosecutorial misconduct:

chronological history of indictments

Parkers revision lis pendens motion 7-31-16

Motion to release Lis pendens 7-31-16

Notice of Claim 7-15-15 File Stamped Prosecutor Marietta Parker uses illegally obtained search warrant to Delete Guy Neighbors Blogspot post about Federal Pro~1Marietta Parker Memorandum and Order to Dismiss Due to Speedy Trial Violation



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