State of Kansas Deputy Attorney Attempt To Intimidate “Advocates for Justice” Paralegal Services+ For The Unauthorized Practice Of Law!

I refuse to be intimidated for helping people win in unlawful debt collectors and this blog posting will prove that if you hire me I will give you 100% and I will not throw you under the bus like attorneys do when they accept money both from the bank and the client.

Michael Richardson filed our “Qualified Written Request” in his credit card lawsuit demanding verification of the debt under the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act. Our qualified written request demands more than the law requires they produce at this stage of the process. The unlawful collectors understand the other documentation we request in the qualified written request will be also demanded as discovery at trial. The attorneys by law have to produce the original blue ink signed contract, this contract needs to be filed in court to provide the court with “jurisdiction.” In order to bring a breach of contract action, the original signed contract must be filed in the case to prove 1st that there was a contract and 2nd that the terms were violated. Once verification is demanded the collectors have 21-days to provide verification (the signed contract). The problem is these 3rd party collectors (attorneys) are operating outside of the law because they are do not have a signed contract and they are collecting on debts that have been charged off the companies books. These debts have been claimed on the Corporate Taxes and written off on the corporate insurances. I believe once the debts are charged off the corporation books it is illegal for the corporation to make any money selling the charged off debt to unlawful debt collectors for pennies on the dollar. I believe conspiracy statutes would hold the debt collectors to the same criminal liability as the corporation for income tax evasion and insurance fraud. If the unlawful attorney (3rd party debt collector) were able to legally collect it would only be for the amount they paid to acquire the debt, providing there was a legally binding assignment of collection that was signed when the original contract was allegedly signed.

The reply letter to Mr. Richardson’s request for verification of the debt came in and the attorneys are in violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act, as they failed to provide the contract all they sent to verify the debt was  a copy of the journal entry of judgment and the process server’s return of service document See McNiele Pappas P.C. dated May 10, 2017, Letter From Attorneys McNeile Pappas pc- Richardson Case 6-27-17  This deficient response is in violation of federal law and the clean hands doctrine will bar the attorneys from receiving equity from the court. I believe The above-mentioned attorney have conspired with the Kansas Attorney General to harass Advocates for Justice and force the competition out of the State of Kansas. Advocates for Justice has not violated any laws.

Harassment / Discrimination Subpoena 

The subpoena we received is not from the court, it is not signed by a Judge, it is not file stamped and there is no pending legal case. The subpoena demands business records but does not state there was any complaint filed on the record to give the missing court judicial authority to issue the subpoena. The subpoena appears to be discrimination and intimidation and an attempt to force Advocates for Justice Paralegal Services+ out of business.

This judicial document appears to be fraudulent, someone doing an unlawful favor “under color of law” to intimidate Advocates for Justice Paralegal Services+ a Black-owned business and to force the business out of The State of Kansas. Look at the subpoena: Subpoena From The Kansas Attorney General 6-27-17

The Kansas Law provides the Attorney General to Prove “intent to defraud” and there must be citizens who were injuries and these citizens must file a formal complaint and prove monetary damages. Advocated for justice has 13 great Google reviews and to date, we know of no unhappy customers. The Kansas Attorney General has legal duty not to interfere with the economic rights of others, such as the right to contract, the intentional misrepresentation of existing important facts have created an Proximate Cause, it is reasonably foreseeable the Kansas Attorney General’s breach of duty will result in my injury. With few exceptions, all persons are liable for their conduct and therefore liable for their torts. This harassment will be address with civil action!

Attached is Advocates for Justice “Notice of  Claim” Guys Notice of Claim For Discrimination and Harassment

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