Change Of Venue Motion

Change of Venue Motion- Stop Your Foreclosure Today For Only 50.00

Move the court for a change of venue in the interest of justice:

I structured the change of venue package when I was helping my sister stop a judicial foreclosure against her property. The new judge terminated her case so, we never got to use this bomb in court.

This will work in anyone’s case, any party can demand a change of venue in the interest of justice.

The reason you are demanding a change of venue motion is that the attorney is a foreign agent, and the state court has no jurisdiction over a dispute between a state citizen and a foreign agent. People cannot sue folks in a different State without filing in the Federal Court.

Also of issues is the fact the judge and the attorney are in violation of the federal law as they are not registered with the National Attorney General’s office as a foreign agent in violation of the Foreign Agent Registration Act Of 1938.

The judge is also in violation of the administrative procedures act of 1946.

I use federal case law in my documents we file in state court, so moving their case to the federal court will not be a problem for you. The attorneys on the other hand will be screwed because state court case law will not fly in the federal court!

Now this strategy will help you get control of the state case and chase off the judge, lol.