Please Do Not Get Booted From Our Foreclosure Defense Study Group.

Hello, I’m Coach Neighbors

I Have No Bench!

I want to make sure you understand what you need to know so you don’t get blocked from my program. Never send me your court documents without my request and consent. I’m not an attorney, I do not review any of your documents. We never address their lies, we sue them for the illegal activity that caused the foreclosure process.

Sending me your court documents is what fools need to try and get in my face about the unauthorized practice of law without a license. I have already beat them down a couple of times on the issue but I just don’t have the time to be messing with them.

If you have trouble following the rules you will not be a good fit for my program and you will be booted from the group without question. You invested in the educational lawsuit packages, and services past the digital files are extra and optional at my discretion.

Please do not send me your court documents.


Coach Neighbors