Word To The Wise:

Boxer walking down to get in the rring

Guy’s when you enroll in my program I don’t need to know what happened back in 2008. In my program, you will not be the defendant, and you will not be defending the lies they filed in court. In my program, you will learn how to punch the judge and attorney in the face with your lawsuit packages. Once you sue the judge and recuse him/her the case is like a boat in the middle of the ocean without a motor. When the new judge comes in it will be too hot in the kitchen and will be forced to terminate the case or face the same fate. When you get into my non-conventional program you will not be doing the same attorney crap you were doing before. I don’t want to hear about how tired you are and stuff like that. The 4th quarter is starting for you and it is a whole new ball game because you are no longer alone, and you will not be doing the same thing you were doing when you were getting beat down!

In this program, we will beat them down until they give up, the same crap they are trying to do to you.

I’m a coach, and I don’t have time for any negative self-talk. When you start talking like you are ready to give up you will be in danger of being kicked off the team. I don’t have a bench to send you to!

Don’t get in my program unless you are ready to do what ever it takes for as long as it takes!

If you are ready to stop being the defendant and learn how to sue the judge helping the attorneys head over to my product page and get started!