B. A. R. Members Scam!

Working with the over 600 members in our private Facebook study group allows me to hear about what is going on all across the United States Of America. Attorneys are paying the property tax of the elderly homeowners hoping they will forget about the property tax if they do not receive the bill. After making the property tax payments for a period of time the attorney/investor will foreclose on the elderly.

The attorneys know 98 percent of us could not afford to hire an attorney. This problem is occurring more than people realize, and we need to be proactive and stay alert.

You should maybe check at the county recorder’s office to see if there are any other parties that have leached onto your parent’s property. Maybe check to make sure they have been receiving the bill, and that the database shows the taxes paid. You can even check the courts to see if there are any civil court cases against your parent’s property. These are things that I came up with just off the top of my head. This will give you a starting point, and when the shit doesn’t make sense you must take action. If your parents are facing a property tax lien foreclosure you should head over to my website and leave your contact info. If others have this problem I can custom structure a package to eliminate the problem.

Please leave your contact info if you would be interested in this new lawsuit package. Or you can email me “Parents” in the subject line to winincourts1@gmail.com, and I will keep you posted when it is structured and ready to be deployed. This is sad that we have leaches that would do this to our parents!

It’s time to fight Back!