Stop Foreclosure Without An Attorney

Sign asking "are you ate risk of foreclosure and losing your home . there is a box to check that says yes, and one that says no.

 Now you can stop your foreclosure without an attorney and without spending thousands of dollars. My wrongful foreclosure lawsuit packages will help you learn how to sue the attorney who signed the foreclosure documents against your property.

Object And Recuse The Judge:

The main problem you have in court is the judge helping the attorneys, and then sticking in your face. My wrongful foreclosure lawsuit package contains the documents you need to recuse and sue the judge as soon as the judge helps the attorneys.

Most people think they need an attorney when they are facing a foreclosure and that is completely wrong and here is why:

a. The foreclosing party is not the lender, it is the attorney acting as a 3rd party debt collector.

b. The attorney is the only person who signed the foreclosure documents.

c. The lender did not sign anything and is not involved in the foreclosure.

d. If the foreclosing party is the attorney no other attorney will help you sue an attorney for wrongful foreclosure.

Therefore, you must add the attorney, their law firm, and the last servicer to your wrongful foreclosure lawsuit add the defendants in that order, and file it in the federal court.

This will trump the state court action and you will be “Driver of the bus”

Links To The Lawsuit Packages:

Link to my Judicial Wrongful foreclosure lawsuit package:–breach-of-contract-lawsuit-package-copy

This link is to my Non- Judicial Wrongful Foreclosure Lawsuit Package.–breach-of-contract-lawsuit-package-copy

I’m still in the process of switching the package’s over to the new website.


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