Sue The Judge Or Prosecutor, At The Gate

The One-Two Punch Lawsuit Package

Check Out The New Jurisdiction Challenge With An Affidavit Lawsuit Package:

Have you seen the new lawsuit package, now one can sue a judge or prosecutor at the gate for violating federal laws? This new package is structured to attack the judge, attorney, or corporation before the hearings start, or after they are over, lol. Now you do not have to wait until the judge violated you. Now you can file your lawsuit against the judge for not being legal and force them to visit the possibility of reviewing the judge’s past rulings. The lawsuit included in this package is the same one my sister used to get her judicial foreclosure case terminated. This document can be used in a case not connected to an illegal mortgage scheme. All you need to do is remove the information about the FDCPA, and Bam, you are ready to challenge any judge, prosecutor, or attorney for unrelated stuff they will not want to have on the court record. This can be used against the government when they are attacking you without an injured party. Anytime the government is the plaintiff against you and there is no injured party this will slam their asses!

We must learn how to stop being a “Defendant” getting punched in the face when we have so much power!