Use This To Dismiss Your Foreclosure!

It’s Never Too Late To Step Up To Fightback!

I’m working on the new Sanctions Against The Prosecutor lawsuit package and ran across this tidbit, thought I would share it with you free of charge. This case law can be used to dismiss your foreclosure and or move for summary judgment.

Case Law: Courts have decided, “As a general rule, all contracts are assignable. … An exception to this rule is that a contract that relies on personal trust, confidence, skill, character, or CREDIT of the parties, may not be assigned without the consent of the parties. See: Crim Truck & Tractor Co. v. Navistar Int’l 823 S.W.2d 591,596 (Tex. 1992). This case was assigned without consent from all parties and therefore the assignment was illegal and the foreclosure is void because it was initiated by a party without standing.

The Power Of Words

This would clearly be a great strategy to use to get control of your foreclosure or tax lien foreclosure situation. I know what you are thinking, most people roll their eyes and say “oh they will just ignore it”. Yes they are correct, the judge and attorneys will ignore it because the court is not from the constitution. If the court is not from the constitution it does not have to respect your constitutional rights!

The court will stomp on your rights and tell you to hire an attorney to file your appeal or until you learn how to sue the judge for helping the attorney steal your property.

Now you can challenge the court with the fire you get from Advocates for Justice Paralegal Service.

You can build the court record you need to verify you were violated by the judge, and sue the judge for helping the attorneys. Once you recuse the judge and file your claim for violating the administrative procedures act. of 1946 you will be “driver of the bus”.

Now if you want to sue the judge for helping the attorney you can make an investment in this package and get what I used to get my sister’s judicial foreclosure case terminated. Click on the link below:

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