What To Do When The Judge Dismisses Your Stuff For No Reason.

When the judge dismisses your pleadings or lawsuit is not the time to email me a huge email in all caps. You must remember in my program you are not waiting for the judge to rule on anything. In this program, you will file your jurisdictional challenge with an affidavit to take control of the foreclosure case. The attorneys will not be able to respond to your jurisdictional challenge with an affidavit due to the fact the attorneys are lying and cannot reply and sign by counter-affidavit. This means they will be in default on the jurisdictional challenge with an affidavit, so the judge will be forced to help them win.

Change In The Game Plan:

This is when you will change your game plan and file your lawsuit against the judge for taking jurisdiction without legal authority. You will use your court record to verify the judge violated your rights by providing an unfair advantage for a fellow attorney. When you object- demand reconsideration and recuse the judge you will be in control and the foreclosure judgments will be void. The attorneys will need a judge to help them proceed with the illegal foreclosure. Now it’s time to file your lawsuit against the recused judge. The judge will not have any idea what you are setting them up for until it’s too late. The new judge will see what you have done here and realize he-she could face the same fate and terminate the case. This game plan is working very well.


Remember you are not going into court expecting the judge to rule in your favor. Your goal is to challenge the jurisdiction at the gate and keep them at the gate. When the judge helps them get past your gate you will sue the judge and use your court record to support your claim against the judge.

We must force them to give up!