Airbnb Renter’s Gut And Trash Owner’s Home.


Everyone on Facebook that has the same name this crook is using has contacted the police and me except this Sandy Villegas, and this is who we think robbed our Airbnb on 6-16-21 in Eudora Kansas. I apologize to everyone who bare’s the same name as this crook. It’s clear the crook is using other people’s names when she is stealing from people. This person is connected with the property at 212 NE. Klien St. Topeka Ks. This address will be the focus of my Property lien. I know the criminal justice system will not do anything about this problem. What they did to my wife makes this personal and I’m going to do something about it before they hurt someone while they are robbing someone’s house.

We think this is the crook that robbed our Airbnb

The Robbery:

Sandy- Aliases Sandra Villegas Ii, Sandra Villegas, Sandra A Flores, A V Sandra, A Villegas Sandra, Ana Villegas robbed our short-term rental property and stole several truckloads of property. They stole the washer and dryer, 4- flat-screen TVs, pictures, and mirrors off the wall. They stole our brand new massage chair, pillows, and all kind of stuff.

Sandy Villegas Is A Thief:

This is a video of Sandy A. Villegas/ Sandy Flores and her family driving off with a load of our stolen property. Never allow these fools to stay in your short-term rental. They destroyed your house and steal your property.

Now I’m going to file a lien against their property in the amount of 15-k to be compensated for the damages and stolen property. I posted my story and picture of the damage on Sandy’s Facebook page last night and her account was deleted this morning.

1. The YouTube video below shows her truck backing out of our garage filled with our stolen property.

2. The second clip shows Sandy’s truck loaded with our property driving off.

3. The first picture is a screenshot of a conversation my wife had with Sandy about them being still in the house past the checkout time.

4. Sandy Villegas the thief locks the deadbolt to block the owner from entering the property as she negotiates with the owner for more time to check out while they finish stealing our property.

5. Then Sandy sneaked out the back door and drove off in the truck they were loading in the backyard.

6. Here is the check-in notification from Airbnb to verify I’m referencing the correct Sandy A. Villagas.

7. I posted the picture of the damage on Sandy’s Facebook page last night and this morning she deleted the profile.

8. I figured she would delete the Facebook page to prevent her family and the police from seeing the evidence so I made a screenshot to share.

9. This picture is of the basement shower, Sandy cut the water lines to steal 10.00 worth of copper pipes and the base of the shower.

10. They ripped the door off the hinges going into the garage trying to get the washer and dryer in the garage so they could steal them without the neighbors seeing them.

11. Up next is a picture of the brand new massage chair my wife provides for her traveling guests.

12. They tool the huge mirror off the wall in the living room to steal it and they emptied the curio cabinet.

13. The 70″ flat screen tv is missing from the living room.

14. Sandy ripped the old worthless mirror off the wall in the master bedroom.

15. The holes in the wall in the master bedroom are where the flat screen tv was mounted to the wall.

16. I included the Eudora Police officer’s name who took the report. Please contact him if you can help.

17. It would be helpful to have a video of them unloading our property and moving it into their house.

18. I will be filing a lien for 15-K against their property at 212 Ne. Klien St. Topeka Kansas. 66616, and when they fail to pay in the ten days I will file a non-judicial foreclosure and have them evicted from their property.

19. I want them to know what if feels like to have some asshole take their house.