Update On How The Federal Judge Is Helping The Attorneys Respond To My Lawsuit Package.

We will be recusing the judge!

  When I request an update I’m referring to an update on how the judge is helping the attorney get past your lawsuit. I don’t need a daily update letting me know that you are going to file tomorrow, lol.

Several members have reported the judge ordered them to do business with the court by letter in violation of their right to due process of law. When the judge orders people to respond by letter it is to keep the judge from having to rule on your document. When you do not use motions in the court, there is no controversy before the court, nothing for the court to rule on so your case is dismissed for failure to state a claim. The reason you failed to state a claim is that you followed the judge’s illegal administrative order and helped them kick your ass and take your property. When a judge orders you to give up your right to due process of law to help the attorneys, the judge should be held liable in civil court for violating your constitutionally protected rights. We have learned we must address the due process violation caused by the court process and the judge’s order that you kick your own ass!  

This is great news as it shows the federal court judge is not excited to have our lawsuit filed in their court and they are will to incriminate them self’s to help block you from having your day in the court. This proves my lawsuit package is badass and provides you great value for the cheap price I charge for my work. If you are facing a problem get to my product page and make your move. This program could be the most important foreclosure defense breakthrough ever discovered.   

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