Learn How To Move Any State Case Over To The Federal Court.

Take Control Today!

We are learning from real-time feedback from our Facebook study groups. What we are finding is we must stop the state case before you file your federal lawsuit or they will stall in federal court and hope to get you in the eviction process.

Now we can use the new Notice of Removal lawsuit package to move their case over to the federal court in the interest of justice. Once your removal document is file-stamped state court is Done!

Then you deliver the state court a file-stamped copy of your removal document to let them know they have no jurisdiction to continue their fraudulent process. Now when you move their state case over to the federal court they will be screwed because their state court case law will not fly in Federal court. The documents you got from me already have federal court case law. I think they would have to refile?????? lol, lol.

This is an opportunity to take control of the state foreclosure or court process it can be any state case and move their case over to the federal court. Now you can file your 5.5-million-dollar lawsuit (from my website) as a counterclaim in their state foreclosure case that you moved over to the federal court without paying the 400.00 federal court filing fee!

Now you have your lawsuit filed in federal court in their state foreclosure you also have in federal court, the attorneys will have a problem. The federal court Judge will not want the state court fraud in their court!!!

We are not trying to win; we want to punch their asses until they give up!

The federal court will force them to settle if you can stay in the ring!

This new “Notice of Removal” package will be on sale on the website sometime this week for 399.00 for a short time, then it will go back up to a 500.00 half-price sale. https://youtu.be/B0-VEuXvhBQ

This new package is not posted on the website yet, however, it is ready if you are interested in investing in this new package before I get it posted please email me and put “Notice of Removal” in the subject heading and I will email you a link to make your investment and I will manually email you the zip file. winincourts1@gmail.com