The New Traffic Ticket 42 U.S.C. 1983 Civil Rights Lawsuit Package

Now You Can File Your Lawsuit Against The Police!

I’m structuring the new traffic ticket 42 u.s.c. 1983 civil rights lawsuit package will be ready soon. This new package can use in traffic court or pretty much any state court proceeding where there is no injured party. When you invest in this new package you will be able to file your lawsuit against the police officer, the prosecutor, the judge, and the state. You can even include the state b.a.r. association since they license these thieves who are violating your civil rights in court with their fraudulent court processes and fake rules. You will be able to take control and force them to respect your rights.

Here Is What You Did Not Know About Traffic Tickets:

  1. When the police officer sign’s the ticket (summons for you to appear) he/she is violating the separation clause in the constitution.
  2. The Traffic Ticket 42 U.S.C. 1983 Civil Rights Lawsuit Package is what you need you are being harassed when they have no witness.
  3. The court process and rules are a violation of your right to due process and the right to face your accuser.
  4. Traffic court has a conflict of interest, as the players, officer, prosecutor, judge are all paid by the same corporation.
  5. Ordinances and statutes are not valid laws, as they are missing the 3-elements the state constitution mandates must be present for something to be considered a valid law.
  6. The prosecutor has no witness and since the police officer illegally signed the summons in place of a judicial officer of the court the police officer cannot testify!.
  7. Municipal court gets its jurisdiction from the city ordinance and not the constitution or Congress.
  8. No corporation can provide judicial authority to its self!
  9. Municipal court is not connected to the state court and and does not have legal jurisdiction to traffic court hearing.

This new lawsuit package will have what you need to stop the traffic court proceeding, and to file your lawsuit in federal court. I’m still structuring this 850.00 package to place on sale for 399.00 and it will be the Bomb!

You email me if you are interested and I will email you the link to the package when it is complete. Please head over to my YouTube Channel and get free legal advice in my 240 YouTube videos. Learn how to handle your own legal situation without an attorney.