Update On My Sister’s Judicial Foreclosure That Was Terminated.

Up-Date on my sister’s judicial Foreclosure Case That Was Terminated.

We moved their state foreclosure case over to the federal court using their statute for moving a state case over to the federal court. Now we did this because after the case was terminated the Sheriff still got a sale order to sell my sister’s house. A termination is a final order and they are ignoring it as you all know.

Google “How To Move A State Case Over To Federal Court”

So I Googled how to move a case over to the federal court, and up popped the statute. It was very clear and simple. Now if you filed a lawsuit against the judge or attorney that would be your grounds for moving the case to federal. Oh, wait all the laws they are violating with the mortgage scheme are federal. This was so easy to do and you have control of the whole process.

Now they wanted to keep playing so we moved their foreclosure case over to federal court and now she can file her counterclaim and she is in the federal court without paying the 400.00 filing fee!

I think this is something everyone needs to do after you jam up the judge. Now you are moving their case in the interest of justice due to the fact no other state judge can hear the case after you sue the state court judge.

Now it’s time to finish them off!