The Attorney’s Called The Police On My Sister

police sinage on the door of a police car

The attorneys called the police on my sister and reported they were threatened by her emails. My sister said the officer was amused and told her he did not think her emails were a problem. The attorney also reported they were threatened because my sister served them legal documents at their homes, and included the shareholder’s wife in her claim.

My sister claimed the attorney home as damages in her 20- million dollar lawsuit. The attorney’s wife’s name was on the title to the property so my sister included the wife in her lawsuit. I wonder what the conversation between the wife and attorney sounded like, this is a great strategy. The attorney thinks they would like to know who is helping my sister beat them down!

We will review how we are controlling the court process in our live stream This coming Sat. 11-27-21.

I will also give you an update on our new game plan!