Update On My Sister’s Terminated Foreclosure, And New Sale Date!

The New “Notice Of Removal” Lawsuit Package Is Making A Splash

Today was the day the state players were going to sell my sister’s home after the foreclosure was terminated by the judge she sued. The attorneys decided to move forward anyway and claimed we were violating the law blocking them from selling the property. Since the state court judge failed to hear us we moved the attorney’s state foreclosure over to the federal court. We moved it pursuant to the court rule for moving a state court case over to the federal court. The court rule is clear and their case was moved straight over to the federal court and they could not do anything about it. The funny part is my sister sent the foreclosure attorney an email letting them know we were going to move their case over to federal court, and then she moved it!

Federal Judge Issues Order To Help The Attorneys:

Now the federal judge, issued an order for the parties to stop filing pleading until the federal court can figure out if it has jurisdiction because the attorney made valid points, lol. The order appeared to assist the attorneys by refusing the TRO and ordering my sister to stop filing pleadings in her case. My sister sent me an email and now we know why the federal judge would not grant the TRO.

Foreclosure Was Terminated:

The Federal judge knew the sale was terminated!

I will share the federal judge’s order on our live stream Sat. 11-20-21 at 9:30 Pm, and what we are doing next to make the federal court force the attorney to settle.

I’m also going to introduce you to the new “Notice of Removal” package that is fire!

I received this from my sister:

“Just wanted to let you know I requested a docket sheet from the Kansas district court, and they canceled the sale as of Monday 11/15/21 Thank you, big brother. I’m so lucky to have you on my side”

I’m happy and now we are going to spank them in federal court for messing with her. This removal package forced one foreclosure termination and we just blocked a sale date. This strategy is much easier than the 26 document approach we use in the other lawsuit packages. More on 11-20-21