The resources in the post will help you understand my non-conventional process and provide links to the resources you need to review the value of the lawsuit package and how it will help you.

I have provided the instructional videos and a link to the 42 USC 1983 civil rights lawsuit package to make it easier to understand how to get started in my program. I also included links to important training videos on my YouTube channel.


My lawsuit center website is at Please scroll down to review my great reviews and check out the “Most asked questions” section, or you can click on the “product button” at the top of the page.

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Here are the main resources you would need to review if you are interested in using my 42 USC 1983 civil rights lawsuit package to get control of the illegal court process you are facing.

I arranged links to the main resources and have them all on one page to streamline the process of figuring out how to take control of my non-conventional foreclosure offensive process.

This lawsuit package will help you file your federal against the state players for violating your due process with their everyday state court processes and procedures.

The federal court process will focus on violating your rights in state court, not banking fraud.

1. This is the link to the lawsuit package posted on my lawsuit center website:

2. This link is to the motion for summary judgment:

3. I included the instructional video hosted on my YouTube channel:

4. Link to the updated instructional video:               

5. Link to the updated ring strategy showing all the steps:

5. Link to how to state a claim:

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