Challenge Your fraudulent mortgage loan before you are in default with this foreclosure offensive DIY online course. This review about my “Foreclosure Offensive Online Course” is powerful and shows that anyone can start a new career in the legal industry without being a B. A. R. member or going into debt learning how to violate people with the system.

The online course review shows my new judicial, and non-judicial online courses are structured to teach your in-house foreclosure offensive strike team how to protect property investments in any state. My 42USC 1983 civil rights package is helping paralegals get control of the illegal foreclosure process in many different states. The online course is hosted on Teachable-dot-com, and contains everything you need to help others stay in their homes. This online course comes with coaching, and a free consultation to ensure you get started off on the right foot at the gate. This foreclosure offensive premium package can help you start a new career, or just protect your property investments in any state. This new online course can also teach you how to challenge the legality of your mortgage loan before you are behind in payments, and drag the players who signed to violate you with the fraudulent mortgage loan in the federal court.

Nikki’s Review:

Coach N. Can I fly to Kansas and give you the biggest bear hug?

Listen, that 1983 package is lit we added the judge, attorney, and law firm.

The Update is that two judges were reassigned, and we are now on the 3rd judge, the Chief Judge.  

We got a statement from the mortgage company saying they are reviewing the mortgage!

This is for my clients this is not even my house! When this is dismissed, I’m telling everyone to buy your course!

I’m doing four cases so far TX, OH, PA, NY. The look on those clerks faces when I filed is hilarious


Nikki Ross

Thanks, Coach❤️

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