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Entrepreneurs pro-se school will help you discover the insider secrets of legal education that came from real-time feedback from state citizens being attacked by attorneys. These state citizens are using my legal products and strategies to become experts at attacking the state for the unfair day-to-day processes the state used to line the citizens up in the government’s administrative process.

In the entrepreneurs pro-se school we sue the players for the day-to-day process they used to violate you not the fact they violated you. When there is no injured party and no damaged property the court lacks jurisdiction to proceed.

Now you can learn what you need to start your own legal coaching business that comes complete with the lawsuit packages, YouTube training videos, and instructional videos on how to use the lawsuit packages.

Now you can teach others how to stop criminal attacks, illegal foreclosure, 3rd party debt collections, and much more. Don’t miss out on this great business opportunity. Click the link below to start your journey to freedom from the system!

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Use my entrepreneur’s pro-se school to learn my non-conventional program, attack the loopholes in their conventional program, and punch them in the face with your non-conventional legal attack today. #indictment #criminal #foreclosure #attorney #plea #prosecutors #court

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2. 42 usc 1983 Foreclosure Lawsuit package: