This review came in yesterday from Suzette, who invested in my online course to use the mortgage fraud lawsuit package that addresses the illegal path the alleged mortgage loan took. In a very short time frame Suzette not only took control, but she also beat the attorney’s into submission as they failed to answer to get the federal lawsuit. The judge cannot rule in my lawsuit packages without committing political suicide and exposing his/her prior rulings to be corrupt. The state is the real party stealing your property, and the state is paying the judge to rule against you without an injured party. This corrupt legal system will crush you if you fail to get this right. I have a legal program that is working very well. Check out what Suzette has to say.

Jul 21, 2023, 6:19 PM (21 hours ago)

to me, Suzette
Just wanted to let you know I used your 5.5 Million Dollar Mortgage Fraud Law-Suit Complaint and Got a Default Judgement for 5.5 Million Dollars (for 3 of the 4 that failed to answer – The 2 Attorneys and the Law Firm), and the Federal Court Building mailed me my Default Papers yesterday. I put in my default on the 21st Day and Got it.
Thank you for being tough on me. I listened and it worked
Okay, well I did it. I had to file another lawsuit, but I got it done.
Thank you again, your time was not wasted, I was successful, and hope that makes you happy too! Peace, Love, and Hope! Goodnight!
San Diego, CA,