Free Foreclosure Defense Lawsuit Documents:

I will add documents our team members need to this page for free. Anyone in the Facebook group is welcome to help yourself to these free documents if you can use them to defend your property. These are free and you have to figure out how to use them on your own. Some of these documents were donated by group members and some were structured by yours truly.

New Free Documents

  1. This free lawsuit package is a 1.5 MILLION DOLLAR CIVIL COUNTERCLAIM FOR, TRESPASS WRONGFUL EVICTION, SLANDER, LIBEL, AND INTENTIONAL EMOTIONAL DISTRESS.The price of this lawsuit package has been reduced to the ridiculous = Free!! for the rest of this month. The information in this package can also be used in a motion to vacate the judgment. If you have made the new buyer aware there is a title dispute and they proceeded with the eviction anyway you can attack them for wrongful eviction.

    This package was structured to challenge eviction court by filing this as a claim in state court, and you should file a copy of this as a counterclaim right in the eviction court. The way this should work is once you have the wrongful eviction lawsuit filed in state court you will have created your title dispute you need to challenge the eviction court’s jurisdiction (providing you are facing eviction).

    I would file this as a counterclaim right in eviction court just to screw with them. They will freak out because an eviction court is not a court of record and therefore can’t hear a counterclaim. Legally they would need to send the eviction case over to the State court where you should already have your lawsuit filed for wrongful eviction. This package is structured to be used by homeowners who low on money. The is no fee for filing a counterclaim in an existing case. The court will try and make like you can’t file a counterclaim in eviction court, so when they start that non-sense ask them to please send your file over to state court because you have the lawsuit filed there already!

    This package contains The following documents: New State Counterclaim For Wrongful Eviction 11-16-19

    1. The 1.5-million-dollar Counterclaim for a wrongful Eviction lawsuit.
    2. New Entry of appearance document.
    3. United States o America Affidavit of State citizenship.
    4. The affidavit template to file with your lawsuit.
    5. Injunction/ Restraining order.
    6. New motion for sanctions against the attorney.
    7. Inventory cease and desist letter.
    8. Demand to strike the attorney’s notice of appearance.


  2. This is our new “Notice of Appearance” this places all the b.a.r. members on notice no documents will be filed in your case or removed from the case without your signature. This notice of appearance will inform the court and your ex-attorney that you will be handling your case without the attorney’s services. Now you don’t have to beg the attorney to get out of your way, just file this in court and let the court send her a copy! New Entry of Appearance 10-14-18
  3. This Law School Foreclosure Defense book caught my attention so I thought others could benefit from it so I’m posting it in the free stuff link:Foreclosure Law School Book
  4. This new link is an affidavit of nonresponse that can be used if the party faile to respond or failed to provide you with the discovery requested. You will need to make personalize this document to fit your situation. Affidavit-or-Certificate-of-Non-Response TEMPLATE
  5. Here is a link to the new affidavit posted 11-22-19: AFFIDAVIT TEMPLATE

2. This next link is to the free motion to dismiss the attorney’s response to your wrongful foreclosure lawsuit. Attorneys cannot represent the corporation they work for, so if the attorney that responds is employed with the law firm you will move the court to dismiss the response. I would ask for a judgment in my favor because the attorneys knew they were violating the rules and case law and did so to gain an unfair advantage. The new affidavit is also included in the link. You can make the affidavit state that the attorney who filed the response is an employee of the corporation named in the litigation.  New Motion to Dismiss Defendants Response 11-23-19

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