Now I’ have A Chance!

We provide clients with the wrongful foreclosure lawsuits, restraining order, and supporting document needed to file their lawsuit against the foreclosing parties. We coach you to make sure you understand the lawsuit strategy and the content. The lawsuit takes most people a few hours to personalize the lawsuit package, it’s a very simple process where you replace the writing in red font with your personal information it’s a very simple and easy process. So if you are tired of getting nowhere in the conventional foreclosure path that was formulated by the same group trying to steal your property. B.A.R. members set up the current foreclosure defense program and it is not set up to be fair or to allow homeowners a chance to win. My strategy is to teach homeowners to add the attorney to the wrongful foreclosure lawsuit as the number one defendant because the bank never shows up to court, only the attorney!

I think these attorneys are the real plaintiff, not the bank. I think the bank is waiting in the shadow waiting for the house to be given away at the auction for pennies on the dollar so the bank can claim the alleged loss on the mortgage insurance that was taken out at signing. When the bank filed a claim on the mortgage insurance they are paid in full. When you add the attorney trying to steal your home to your lawsuit it creates procedural issues for the attorney because they cannot represent themselves in court and they cannot litigate a case they are a party to so they are forced to hire an attorney from a different law firm. In many cases, they cannot the hiring is done within the 21-days to answer so they are facing default out of the gate. You need a paralegal who has no problem helping you hold the attorney and other officers of the court accountable for the decisions them make in your case that obstruct the administration of justice.

If it is time for you to try a different un-conventional approach to getting control of your foreclosure head over to my website and invest in your wrongful foreclosure lawsuit package and schedule a support call and let’s get rolling!4




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