Foreclosure Lawsuit Strategy

The Foreclosure Lawsuit Strategy for a non- judicial foreclosure it will show you how to use the lawsuit package is to get your title dispute filed in Federal Court to block the foreclosure eviction process. We will show you how to get your title dispute filed and provide the legal documents you need to make this happen.

Use The Foreclosure Lawsuit Strategy To Block The Eviction Process

This strategy is to use your title dispute to block the eviction court process. We provide the legal documents and coaching you need to block the eviction process because eviction court can’t make a determination on a title dispute. The problem for homeowners is they don’t know eviction court can’t make a ruling on a title dispute.  When homeowners use the title dispute argument in eviction court they are ignored and judgment is rendered for the thieves.

Eviction Court’s Lack of Jurisdiction

Eviction Court only has jurisdiction to rule for immediate possession. File to challenge the jurisdiction of eviction court and attach a copy of your file-stamped Federal Lawsuit and the restraining order as exhibits.

In this package, you will need to file the special “motion to remove the eviction case” over to Federal Court to be attached to your Federal Lawsuit. Now you have the eviction case connected with the “title dispute”, so you move the federal court to make “moot” the immediate possession issue. The title dispute has to be determined before immediate possession is settled. This strategy blocks the eviction process which moves very fast at this point.

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