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Invest in my foreclosure offensive online legal courses and learn the unconventional legal strategies you need to start your legal serviced business. Visit my website at winincourtnow.com and review the lawsuit package and online courses you have available to stop the court from violating you again.

My new online business ideas will teach you foreclosure defense, criminal offense, how to challenge property tax, how to stop the federal indictment process, block plea bargain and other plea deals, and more.

Become an entrepreneur and start your legal coaching career with my online course small business for sale. My online legal courses contain the lawsuit documents and supporting legal documents you need to hold the state and the players liable for violating your due process with the state’s day-to-day procedures that lined you up in their administrative court to be violated. In my online course, you will have access to over 135 instructional videos, over 525 YouTube training videos, access to the private Facebook coaching group, access to coaching in the group, and lives streams each week.

The first online course is the foreclosure offensive online course I featured on teachable, and we had over 185 happy students enrolled in the course. I posted a video review from legal coach Nikki Ross, saying how she helped a client get her property deed delivered using my property tax lawsuit package. The attorneys for teachable terminated my two online foreclosure offensive courses because of all the complaints they received to shut down my online courses.

I restructured the online courses to contain all the lawsuit documents you need to get started protecting your property, or freedom. I have the Online course packaged into a zip file that comes with directions to the updated instructional videos, and the videos for the lawsuit package you invested in. The lawsuit package in the online course is different than the regular packages. The online course documents hold the players liable for the alleged mortgage loan’s fraudulent path.

I’m in the process of structuring a new website to host all my online courses and the folks who invested in the foreclosure offensive court that was terminated by teachable will have access to the new course if you are still in need when the course is complete.




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The entrepreneurs foreclosure offensive online courses will provide you with the tools and coaching you need to take control of your legal situation today.

Property Investors:

Property investors are using these courses to defend their rental properties from the state’s illegal foreclosure or property tax foreclosure process. Learn how to stop the illegal state court process and protect your property today.

This program could be the most important foreclosure defense breakthrough ever discovered.

Stop foreclosure without a litigation lawyer with our paralegal classes. Our paralegal education can help you stop the sheriff’s sale foreclosure eviction process. Learn how to stop foreclosures with my online course, foreclosure help.

You will learn about the loopholes (defects) in the attorney processes and procedures that violate your right and obstruct the administration of justice. I will teach you how to attack and take control of the attorney’s foreclosure case in state court before you file your wrongful foreclosure lawsuit in federal court. The entrepreneur foreclosure online courses will help you coach others.

The Most Comprehensive Foreclosure Law Course:

Judicial wrongful foreclosure is the most comprehensive and current online foreclosure law course. Learn to stop the process and save your rental property without an attorney or spending your retirement savings.

Entrepreneur Foreclosure Offensive Online Course – Wrongful Foreclosure Lawsuit DIY Package

This is the most comprehensive and current foreclosure defense law course on the internet, it will teach you how to take control and file your foreclosure lawsuit, what to expect, and the steps to the process. My New online course will help you stop the wrongful foreclosure process without an attorney. Become The foreclosure defense specialist and protect your rental properties without breaking the bank. This new online course will be the most important breakthrough in foreclosure offensive strategies.

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