Eviction Stopper Jurisdiction Challenge-Lawsuit With An Affidavit


Picture of an eviction order in the desk along with a ppe-mask Eviction Stopper Jurisdiction Challenge With Affidavit- Learn How To Stop The Eviction Court Process!

The New Lawsuit Package:

I structured this new package for homeowners who were already robbed and want to get back in the ring to fight with some real fire. If you were robbed less than 15-yrs. ago now you can reopen and challenge the jurisdiction of the last judgment against your property. You will add the state to your lawsuit as the number one defendant. The state agencies attacking your property are licensed by the state and the state is the corporation in control of your original property deed.

Once you add the state to your claim you must recuse the judge for a conflict of interest as he/she is being paid by the same corporation that is in control of your property. The goal is not to go before a judge, but to jam up the judge and make other judges not want to be involved. They will be forced to terminate the case at the state court level.

Stop The Eviction Process:

This package is structured to stop the eviction process by attacking the judge and chasing off the other judges. If you are facing a non-judicial foreclosure process you may need to file this in the eviction judgment and over in the state court as your claim, or counterclaim.

Re-0pen A Past Tax Lien Or Foreclosure Less Than 15-yrs. ago.

This package is structured to allow folks who were already robbed lest that 15-years ago an option to get back in the court to fight with real fire!

The conventional foreclosure defense program was structured by the same B. A. R. members who are stealing your property. The reason attorneys will not help you in foreclosure court is because attorneys will not attack each other.

My Non-Conventional foreclosure defense strategies will put you in the driver’s seat and now you will not be the defendant getting punched in the face anymore.

Now you can stop your foreclosure without an attorney and without spending thousands of dollars.

This strategy will jam up any court case of fraud, they need a judge to help them take your property. I cannot leave this at this price for very long so find someone to go in with and get this deal and share the files.

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It’s Not Too Late!!!




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This Is An Incredible Offer!

Eviction Stopper Jurisdiction Challenge-Lawsuit With An Affidavit Learn How To Stop The State Court Process:

The biggest mistake homeowners make in their foreclosure defense game plan is not having a strategy to stop the foreclosure eviction process. The eviction court can only make a ruling on immediate possession and not a title dispute. If you argue immediate possession also the judge will claim you are arguing a title dispute. You can clearly see the fraudulent scheme to remove you from the property, and now you are faced with an order from the judge to vacate the property in ten days. At this point, anything you file will be tossed in the basket while they count down the ten days to evict you from your house.

This lawsuit package is special I am offering it to you cheap as my way of helping folks facing the foreclosure problem. Find someone to go in with you and send them the files so you can stop your foreclosure or eviction for only 70.00!!

Maybe they stole your house less than 15-years ago and it still does not sit right with you. Now you can challenge the jurisdiction of what they did and sue the judge for ruling without jurisdiction and for being in violation of a few other federal laws. You will challenge the judge’s legal standing, and they will not want to have your stuff on the court record proving the judge is not legal and in violation of federal laws. We must learn how to stop being a defendant and sue the state which is the corporation that is paying sub-state agencies to beat you down trying to get you to give up and go away.

I’m only going to leave this on sale until I get 15- investors to work with then it will go back up to the other price, so don’t miss out right now!

When you invest in this lawsuit package you will receive the following documents.

In The Jurisdiction Challenge With An Affidavit Package You Will Get:

  1. The Jurisdiction Challenge With AN Affidavit.
  2. The Reply-To Their Response Document.
  3. Notice of Removal From State Court.
  4. Motion To Moot The Pleadings.
  5. Notice Of Default Motion.
  6. Motion For Summary Judgment.
  7. Motion For A Hearing.

You Will Also Receive The 2- Million Dollar Administration Procedures Act Lawsuit Package:

This package contains the following documents:

  1. 2-Million Dollar Administrative procedures Violation Lawsuit.
  2. Objection And Notice Of Claim Against The Judge.
  3. Notice To Recuse The Judge.
  4. Notice Of Default Motion.

Look At The Benefits:

  1. You will challenge the judge’s legal standing, and sue him/her for the lack thereof.
  2. In this program, you will build your court record challenging the court’s lack of jurisdiction and it as evidence in your lawsuit against the state, and the judge.
  3. Stop the state court foreclosure or eviction process.
  4. You will use that court record to sue the judge when he helps the attorneys steal your house.
  5. Create your title dispute and use it to trump the eviction court process.
  6. Use the removal document in the package to remove the eviction case from the eviction court over to the Federal court to be connected with your title dispute/lawsuit
  7. Check out my YouTube channel and search for the jurisdiction challenge/lawsuit with an affidavit instructional video to learn how to use the documents.





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