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Non- Judicial Wrongful Foreclosure Lawsuit DIY- Online Course


This is the most comprehensive and current foreclosure defense law course on the internet, it will teach you how to take control and file your foreclosure lawsuit, what to expect, and the steps to the process. My New online course will help you stop the wrongful foreclosure process without an attorney in your way. Become The foreclosure defense specialist and protect your rental properties without breaking the bank. This new online course will be the most important breakthrough in foreclosure offensive strategies.

We Added A New UpGrade To The Course!

Now you will get the new lawsuit package we used to get my sister’s foreclosure case terminated. Now you can stop any state court process before you get started with the course now you will have the time to study the course without the pressure of dealing with the attorney’s illegal foreclosure process. In this new lawsuit package, you must add the state, the judge, and the attorneys to your lawsuit. You should caption your document as a counterclaim and file it right in their state foreclosure case, and cause the players to re-group and hire federal attorneys. Now that the state court process is stopped you can focus on learning the course and getting the federal lawsuit filed against these fools, once that is done you will remove their state court process over to the federal court in the interest of justice and preserving the court’s resources. The federal court process trumps the state court all day long. I use federal case law in the documents I structure to be filed in the state court. You are allowed to file case law from a higher court, it would be like using supreme court case law in federal or state court. Now you trump the state court process at the gate.

When You Sue The judge For Helping The Attorney:

When you object to the state court judge’s decision to give your property away, demand reconsideration, and sue the state judge for helping the attorneys you will be in a position to recuse the state court judge. Once demand reconsideration you re-open the case for another decision, and you are forcing the judge to go and sit down. Now the new state court judge must make a decision if he/she wants to be in the same position as the prior judge.

In my sister’s case, the judge terminated the attorney’s state foreclosure case and the attorneys tried to sell my sister’s property. We moved the attorney’s state foreclosure case over to the federal court because we countersued the state (who is paying the judge), and created a conflict. If you included their state B.A.R. Association no one from their club from the state level would be able to represent them, right? lol.

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New MindSet

Your goal is not to get before the judge so the judge can help the attorneys. Your goal is to sue the party who signed the petition/complaint or the notice of default letter used to initiate the foreclosure process and the judge who signed to further the real estate deed fraud scheme in court. Now you can catch your breath and not worry about being evicted!

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 Foreclosure Defense Online Course: NON-JUDICIAL

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Why Choose Advocates For Justice Paralegal School

We understand the needs of property investors and homeowners fighting foreclosure in an unfair and illegal court process. We structured the judicial wrongful foreclosure online course. We provide practical, skill-based non-conventional legal strategies, tools, and online coaching you need to take control of your legal situation today. In my program, you will not be the defendant and will learn how to hold the attorney who signed to start the foreclosure process against your property as the number one defendant.

Enroll now and get access to all the legal documents you need to stop the foreclosure and sue the attorney attacking your property. You will have free and unlimited access to all the lectures, PDFs, and over 375+ – Youtube Legal Training Videos. My online course will teach you what the attorneys fear most and provide you with the tools you need to make that fear a reality. You will learn how to file your lawsuit against the person who signed to start the foreclosure and the person from the court who signed onto the foreclosure to control it in court.

Non-Judicial Foreclosure DIY Lawsuit Course Property Investors Use:

Property investors are using these courses to defend their rental properties from the state’s illegal foreclosure or property tax foreclosure eviction process. This program could be the most important foreclosure defense breakthrough ever discovered. Stop foreclosure without a litigation lawyer with our paralegal classes. Our paralegal education can help you stop the sheriff’s sale foreclosure eviction process. Learn how to stop foreclosures with my online course foreclosure help.

Learn How To Block The Eviction Process: judicial wrongful foreclosure eviction process showing a families belongings out on the curb

My lawsuit packages have a strategy to block the eviction process and to move the eviction process from the eviction court over to the federal court. You will learn about the loopholes (defects) in the attorney processes and procedures that violate your right and obstruct the administration of justice. I will teach you how to attack and take control of the attorney’s foreclosure case in state court before you file your wrongful foreclosure lawsuit in federal court.

The Most Comprehensive Foreclosure Law Course:

Judicial wrongful foreclosure is the most comprehensive and current online foreclosure law course. Learn to stop the process and save your rental property without an attorney or spending thousands of dollars. this a microfine glass over the words "Legal System""

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