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 Property Tax Lawsuit Package Containing The Lawsuit Documents You Need To File Your Claim For Illegal Property Tax Collection.

Property Tax DIY lawsuit package is the solution to the illegal property tax scheme as it addresses the core issue of the scheme, the illegal registration of your property deed. Remember, no law forces you to register your property in their office. Since no law forces you to register your property, they will have no defense to refuse your demand to remove your property deed from their records and deliver it to you as mandated in the state law.

 Notice Of Claim Letter:

You have the notice of claim letter to serve them to allow them the opportunity to comply with your demands before you pay to file your lawsuit in the Federal Court to address the situation. In this package, you will get what you need to address the illegal property tax scheme. You will get what you need to stop any state court process. This lawsuit package contains the document you need to file a notice of claim, the lawsuit against the state, and the person who delivered and registered your property deed in their office.

 Re-Open Past Tax Lien Judgments:

You will get what you need to re-open a past tax lien judgment against your property up to 15 years ago. You will receive the supporting documents you need to control the court process if you are already in court. My new innovative approach to challenging tax could be the cleverest breakthrough ever discovered. We have the tools and instructional videos to help you solve your property tax nightmare today, click on the buy now button and get started on your fantastic journey.

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This property tax and tax foreclosure package is an exceptional solution for property owners and taxpayers. It has been designed with property owners and taxpayers in mind.

This package will help you in the following ways:

    1. Stop the tax lien eviction.
    2. Stop the property tax collection and drag the parties into federal court.
    3. Stop the property tax foreclosure process.
    4. You will sue the attorney who signed to attack your property.
    5. You will have what you need to stop any state court process.
    6. You will have a strategy and the documents to file a lawsuit against the judge for helping the attorneys.

The Property tax lawsuit package can help stop a tax lien foreclosure without an attorney and without spending thousands of dollars. If you fear your property tax bill, it’s time to act before the tax lien foreclosure or foreclosure eviction process takes place. Now you can sue the parties to get control of your property deed and challenge your mortgage payment. If they do not have access to your property deed, can they prove there was a mortgage lien?

Would you have to continue to make mortgage payments if the lender could prove they had a lien against your property?

Could removing your property deed from their office be the best way to challenge your illegal mortgage while you are current on your payments?

No law forces you to register your property deed in their office, so they should have no defense to remove it and deliver it to you as mandated by state law.

This Package has been upgraded to include the lawsuit package you need to stop the state court process!

  1. The property tax lawsuit package will allow you to challenge your property tax extortion by filing your lawsuit in Federal Court against the players for violating your Constitutional rights.
  2. I provide the legal documents you need to file your 5.5 Million Dollar lawsuit for violating your constitutional rights and illegal tax collection.
  3. You must personalize the document and follow the instruction in the eliminate property tax instructional video posted on my YouTube channel.

It is time to take control!

Here Are The Steps:
1. Research what package you need.
2. Watch The Instructional Video Below This Offer or On YouTube.
2. Invest In Your Lawsuit Package.
3. Personalize The Documents By Changing The Red Font, And Follow The Instructional Video.
4. Research The Process Of Service For Your State.
5. Serve the defendants.
6. Learn the Federal Rules Of Procedures about pleading, responding time frames, and other court rules about the process you must learn.
6. Review the federal rules of civil procedure to learn the time frame for answering and other court procedure rules.
7. It is your job to keep up with the lawsuit if you have to file.
8. Understand the facts in the lawsuit, as you will need them when you see the judge.
9. Study The Tips And Strategies Playlist on My Youtube Channel.
10. Study Other Playlist To Help You Keep Up With The Process.
11. Google How To Manage A Lawsuit And Learn The Steps In The Process.
12. Study the Youtube Video On How To Reply.
13. Study The Video On How To State A Claim For Relief.
Check out our new 42 USC sec. 1983 foreclosure offensive DIY lawsuit package:


Property tax challenge lawsuit

Take Control Now!



This lawsuit package has been upgraded to include the new temporary restraining order to block the state from receiving federal funding as long as the state players violate your right to due process or the 5th amendment of the constitution.

Property Tax DIY Lawsuit Package- Are You Ready To Fight?

This Package has been upgraded to include the lawsuit package you need if your property was already sold due to a tax lien foreclosure!

The instructional video below is the how-to, step-by-step game plan to personalize your legal documents and the strategy you need to take control of the situation. No law forces you to allow them to register your property deed in their office, so they have no defense to deny your demand to deliver your property deed to you as mandated in your state’s real estate deed transfer laws.

Here’s What You Get: The New TRO!

  1. The notice of claim letter.
  2. The new 5.5 Million Dollar ” Tax” lawsuit package.
  3. A “Notice of Removal”
  4. The “Notice of Removal” will also block the State Court eviction Process.
  5. The “Demand To Strike” The Attorneys Notice of Appearance.
  6. The Affidavit Template.
  7. New Motion For 5.5- Million in Sanctions.
  8. The Affidavit of State Citizenship.
  9. Civil Cover Cheat Sheet With The Answers.
  10. You will Receive The Jurisdictional Challenge With An Affidavit, An 850.00 value Free Of Charge.
  11. You Will Also Receive The Magistrate Reconsideration Lawsuit Package, A 1200.00 value FREE!

It is time to take control!

 Invest In This Package So That You Can:

  1. Force the attorneys to follow the real estate deed transfer laws and deliver the deed to you.
  2. Force the city to follow the Constitution.
  3. Stop a tax lien foreclosure process.
  4. Block the eviction process.
  5. Block the tax lien sale

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Link to the Non-Judicial Foreclosure Defense Package-

Here is a link to my new 42 USC 1983 foreclosure offensive DIY lawsuit package: