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Stop The State Court Today!

TRO To Block Federal Funding:

This TRO is to block federal funding to the state corporation that is illegally attacking you in court. This package contains the TRO and the Affidavit of state citizenship you need to remove yourself from the court’s statutory jurisdiction without an injured party. Now you can attack the court’s wallet!




Judge with his head down on the desk in defeat


This TRO is to block federal funding to the state corporation violating your due process. Now you can attack the state corporation’s bankroll using the federal court where your 42 USC 1983 civil rights lawsuit was filed. You will demand the federal court block federal funding to the state court because the state is in violation and does not qualify for federal funding as long as the state players continue to violate the state citizens.

The Spending Clause:

The Spending Clause, Article I, Section 8, Clause 1 of the U.S. Constitution provides the federal government with the legal authority to offer federal grant funds to states and localities In the 1987 decision in South Dakota v. Dole, the Court held that legislation enacted pursuant to the Spending Clause must be in pursuit of the “general welfare.”

  1. In addition, the Dole Court held that any conditions attached to the receipt of federal funds must:

(1) be unambiguously established so that recipients can knowingly accept or reject them;

(2) be germane to the federal interest in the national projects or programs to which the money is directed.

(3) not violate other provisions of the Constitution, such as the First Amendment or the Due Process or Takings Clauses of the Fifth Amendment; and

(4) not cross the line from enticement to impermissible coercion, such that states have no real choice but to accept the funding and enact or administer a federal regulatory program.

  1. The fourth of these criteria are intended to ensure that any conditions on federal grant funds do not run afoul of the Tenth Amendment’s prohibition on the federal government’s “commandeering” of state or local governments or officials by requiring them to carry out federal programs. Judicial Foreclosure Lawsuit Package:
    1. This Link Is To The Non-Judicial Wrongful Foreclosure Lawsuit Package: Dissolution Without Spouse Signature: