Credit Card Lawsuit Package
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Year: 2019
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Credit Card Lawsuit Defense Package:

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Time To Get Control!

Corporations sell bad debt to debt purchasers. If the party that sues you is not the original creditor and you assert a lack of standing as a defense, they will have to prove that they have the right to sue you. An alleged creditor can only sue you if it has a relationship to you.

Lack of Standing:

Often these debt purchasers will attach bills of sale or other documents to the suit which shows they bought the debt from a creditor, but they never prove they bought your actual account. Without proof, they bought your actually account they lack standing to collect of sue.

Asserting The Lack of Standing:

 If you assert lack of standing, the debt purchaser must show proof that your account was one of those that it did purchase. While it sounds easy, most debt purchasers can’t do it.

When The Debt Is Sold More Than Once:

Sometimes the debt is sold more than once. When this happens the current debt owner will have trouble getting documentation that is sufficient to meet the proof requirements of the court. Much of this debt is transferred using computer-generated lists without signatures nor affidavits. Once the debt has been transferred to two or three different entities, the original creditor often will not supply any further information. If this is the case, it may make it difficult for the creditor to meet the proof requirements of the court which generally requires that the creditor have a witness that can testify as to the accuracy of the business records (at the time they were made) from personal knowledge.

What The Attorney Needs To Prevail:

The plaintiff will not be able to prevail unless it can prove to the court that it owns your debt.  To do this, the debt buyer will have to produce a contract of sale (also known as an “assignment”) that mentions your debt specifically.  If the debt buyer bought your debt from another debt buyer, it has to provide a chain of assignments going all the way back to the original creditor.  If the debt buyer cannot or will not provide these documents, the court must dismiss the case.

Credit Card Corporate Charge Off Remedy For Debts:

Credit card companies often utilize the corporate remedy for an alleged debt and they do what is called a charge off. This process is where the corporation will carry the alleged debt for a few months. Then they claim the debt as a loss on their taxes, and they file a claim with their insurance and are compensated at least twice. Contrary to what attorney tells people when the corporation makes money under the table by selling a charged off debt there is no place for that money to go on the books.

When The Corporation Violated The Law:

A corporation that makes a profit from an alleged debt that was charged off would be violating the law. Once the debt is claimed on the insurance it would be insurance fraud to profit after the insurance claim. Here is the really cool part, anyone who profited from dirty money would face through the conspiracy statutes the same crimes as the original offender. Income tax fraud, insurance fraud, wire fraud, money laundering, mail fraud and we could come up with a few more crimes. We help you address stuff attorneys will not touch because they are all making a profit from the system. Get your credit card lawsuit package today.

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This credit card lawsuit package comes with 6 different documents you need to get control of the situation. You will receive the following lawsuit documents:

  1. The lawsuit for FDCPA violation in the credit card lawsuit.
  2. New motion to dismiss the credit card lawsuit.
  3.  The affidavit template.
  4. 1- New demand to strike the attorney’s notice of appearance.
  5. Notice of removal/ Objection to the Magistrate Judge ruling in your case.
  6. Motion for 1.5 million in Sanction.
  7. This lawsuit package comes with a different kind of support because of the fact this 850.00 lawsuit package is on sale for Only 200.00.
  8. The support for this package will be through email and through the private facebook group. Any question you can tag me in the facebook group and I will respond when I have a few free minutes. Others in the group will also be able to help respond to questions about filling out this new package. Due to a large number of people that will be investing in the package, I will not be doing phone support for this package. The support for this package will be only through emails and Facebook group support.

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