Credit Repair Lawsuit Package
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Year: 2019
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Credit Repair Lawsuit Package

Repair Your Score Today!

Credit repair lawsuit package will force the 3rd party debt collectors to call the credit reporting agencies and remove the false and derogatory information they reported that is damaging your credit score. This lawsuit package will help you sue the 3rd party collector for violation of the Fair, Debt, Collection Practice, Act. When the debt collectors violate the laws, their collections become unlawful and they can be held liable in civil court. The problem is attorneys do not address these unlawful violations committed by other attorneys.

Your Only Remedy:

The only remedy is filing your credit repair lawsuit package in Federal Court to holding the third party collectors liable. When you show one unlawful violation against the attorneys or law firm the “Clean Hands” doctrine will prevent the attorneys from winning in court. Now you have an affordable option, and you can drag the attorney debt collectors into Federal Court with your civil action, and hold them liable with your 12-page lawsuit document.

The 3rd Party Debt Collector Is Not Properly Registered:

The defendant is in violation of Federal Law because they failed to register as a foreign agent with the Attorney General For National Security as mandated by the Foreign Agent Registration Act. Of 1938. The defendant misrepresented them self’s as legal debt collectors when in fact they are not registered acting unlawfully. The law firm nor the attorney meet the requirements mandated in the FARA, or the FDCPA, necessary to be a legal debt collector because they are not registered with the Attorney General for National Security as a foreign agent, and they do not have their FARA registration form available for inspection. 18 U.S.C. § 951 provides criminal penalties for anyone, other than a diplomat, to operate as an agent of a foreign government without first notifying the United States Attorney General For National Security. A review of the archives shows the agent (defendant) in this case is not registered with the Attorney General for National Security and is in violation of FARA codified at 22 U.S.C. § 611 et seq. in violation of Federal Law. This document is so powerful you could make them stand down and clean up your credit score with a few phone calls without filing the document in court. Follow the instructions on the last page of the document and get your strategy together.

Now you have an affordable option to get the 3rd party debt collectors out of your face for good!

Invest in this package ad get the collectors off of your butt.

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