Divorce Without Spouse Signature
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the picture showa a broken heart with a ring on each half the judges gravel and the word divorce written in white lettersDivorce Without Spouse Signature:

Divorce without spouses signature by using our new “Marriage Dissolution” document a party can file in the public record and dissolve the marriage without a signature from the other party, without an attorney, without court hearings, and without draining your bank account. You will be challenging the validity of the license based on the fact the state failed to fully disclose the terms of the state marriage license (contract).

The Fraud:

The State did not disclose

  1. The grantor of the license is a privately owned corporation.

2- Licensing with them was not necessary for you to be married.

3- That if you requested a license from them, you were declaring yourself incompetent.

4- You were signing over possessions of your future children to the State as collateral.

In contract law, there is no signature if full disclosure is not given with the presentation of the agreement.

The Goal:

The goal for doing the research for the marriage dissolution document was to find a way for a family member to get a divorce without paying the court and attorney a bunch of money to do nothing but fill out the court forms. Basically, you will use the same process they use to make the marriage legal to make the process un-legal and there is nothing the state can do. This process works best in a situation where there are no disputes a judge would need to rule on.


The only other reason it would be unlawful for two consenting adults to be married is if they were otherwise incompetent. Therefore, if a couple goes to the state and asks for the state a license, where there is no other reason for them to need a license other than incompetence, in law. Now, one must ask, when a bride and groom are incompetent to be married without a state license and that state grants a license, who is responsible for the marriage?

Who Is The Grantor Of The Marriage Contract?

The answer is the State. Now, one must ask, when a bride and groom are incompetent to be married without a state license and that state grants that license, who is responsible

for the marriage? The State is responsible for anything created with a marriage license. Typically kids are created in a licensed marriage and they belong to the state also


First You Must Learn What Happened:

In times past, there were no licenses of marriage except in cases where it was unlawful to otherwise marry. For example, Biblical Law forbids the intermarriage of races, so, the statutes of this nation (which were based on Biblical law) prohibited marriage between persons of different races. If a white person wanted to marry a black or an Indian, they were, by statute, required to get a license. Marriage records were kept in family Bibles, then in the County Clerk and Recorder’s offices. Statutes were created to allow anyone desiring a license to obtain one.  Churches were used in helping convince people to use marriage licenses as a manner or recording marriages. Over time people began to believe the licenses were required by law, even though they were otherwise incompetent.  It is ironic the document typically used to begin a marriage is the same document used by the corporate state to remove our children from you? And nobody ever even warned you because the government employees were just doing their jobs.

In Contract Law, There Is No Signature If Full Disclosure Is Not Given With The Presentation Of The Agreement:

In the case of the marriage license, if you used one, you were likely not informed the grantor of the license is a privately owned corporation,  and that licensing with them was not necessary for you to be married. If you request a license from them you were declaring yourself incompetent; and, you were not told you were signing over possession of your future children to the state as collateral. Therefore, if all of the above is true in your case then the contracting license is void, without signature from the beginning.

Marriage Disloved:

Now you can get out of the marriage without an attorney, without court hearings, without draining your bank account, and without a signature from your spouse. The best part is you can blame the divorce on the state’s misconduct, lol. Now you are in control!


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