Eliminate Property Taxes With This Lawsuit Package
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Year: 2019
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                                                                        Eliminate Property Tax Lawsuit Package

Stop giving your money away today!

Eliminate your Property taxes. Your real property was re-classified, without your permission, for the sole purpose of taxation. There is no law that requires Private Owners to Record their private property deeds, in the county recorder’s office. When the attorney placed your “document of title” in their records the attorney created a secret Constructive Quasi “Trust” on the presumption that their “State Corporation” has “AN interest in your land.

Now They Have Control

Now they control your property rights such as “possession” ect, and you are forced to pay an annual fee (tax) in “return” for benefits. Some of the unlawful benefits of the illegal control over your property are, the privileges of applying to the government corporation for “building permit” to regulate the plaintiff’s land use. Also to control of usage by zoning, land use plans, certificate of occupancy’s, and architectural approval committees. The property tax is used to compelled acceptance of government sewer, storm damage control, and other government granted/compelled benefits and privilege of paying taxes to pay for them.                                                                                                                                                                                                Commercial Classification:

Eliminate property taxes because your property tax is based on a commercial classification which has been assigned to your real property. Your property was wrongfully reclassified as agricultural, industrial or residential. Each of these is commercial in nature (the legal definition of “resident” is a class of government official; residential is a house in which a government official lives). Your recorded property is unlawfully being used to collateralize government loans and has a public debt attached to it. Your real property has been re-classified, without your permission, for the sole purpose of taxation. This is the firm basis for the lawsuit. Most of the strategies on youtube and the internet teach people how to remove your property from the tax role, only to find it placed back on the tax roll in a few years. Our strategy is focused on removing the deed to your property from the county recorder’s office. Having your deed in their control is what is used to initiate property taxes, code enforcement, and even mortgage payments.

So if you are tired of being ripped off every year it’s time to step up and try Our Non- Conventional Legal Approach to eliminate property taxes.

Our Eliminate Property Tax lawsuit Package is on sale for half price at only 850.00 and when you check out you will receive an email in a zip file containing all of the documents listed below.

Click on the link to see the instructional video showing you how to personalize the documents:

  1. The New Eliminate Property Tax Lawsuit:
  2.  The Notice of Claim Letter For The Property Tax Lawsuit:
  3. New Motion For Sanctions Against The Attorney:
  4. Demand To Strike Document:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Please subscribe to our youtube channel to get tips and strategies attorney will not share with property owners: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxs83eqrLLTNe_XQKy3E10g?view_as=subscriber


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Protest property tax today with our eliminate property tax lawsuit package. With out program you can protest property tax Tarrant county, Now you can challenge the property tax. Property tax deduction 2019. We will teach you how to protest property taxes in Texas. You will learn about what makes property taxes illegal. If you operate a property management company you are in luck. We know property law and property rights. Our program will help you stop property taxes in texas. If you are tire of paying taxes on rental property today is your lucky day. So the property tax lien investing will change with this new lawsuit package. We will not cover how to pay property taxes online. Now you can stop paying taxes on rental property.


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