Forcible Entry Eviction Counterclaim
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Year: 2020
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This is a picture showing the homeowner's property stacked out on the curb.

It’s time to make them pay!


Forcible Entry Eviction Counterclaim:

Forcible Entry Eviction Counterclaim is the defendant’s response to the forcible entry – detainer and a 200.000.00 (or the max amount your state can award) counterclaim for trespass, wrongful eviction, slander, libel, and intentional emotional distress.

No Rule That You Can’t File A Counterclaim In Eviction Court:

There is no rule that says a person cannot file a Forcible Entry And Eviction Counterclaim in eviction court. Basically your response is your counterclaim for 200.000.00 or the max amount your state can award.

Proving Wrongful Eviction:

Wrongful eviction is easy to prove if you have a title dispute filed on the record at the time they evicted you. You will also have to make sure the new buyers know there is a title dispute (your lawsuit filed in federal court).

The Way Things Should Go Using This Strategy:

So the way this should go when you use this document is the court should get jammed up and not have jurisdiction to continue because eviction court is not a court of record. They should have to send the case over to the State Court.

You Master Plan Of Action:

But your plan is to already have this same lawsuit in filed in State court (you just change the title) against the fools that threw your stuff out on the curb. Then I would tell eviction court to transfer your file to State Court. Now you get to be the one running the show!

The Title Dispute In Eviction Court:

The wrongful eviction document will create your title dispute and counterclaim right in the eviction court. This is a direct attack different from the strategy of filing a lawsuit in the Federal Court and waiting for the federal court to do the right thing.

The New United States Of America Affidavit Of State Citizenship Document:

This new lawsuit for wrongful eviction also contains the new United States of America Affidavit of State Citizenship document and instructions. You will also receive a copy of the new cease and desist letter to serve on them.

Affordable Option To Fight The Eviction Process:

I’m going to posting this Forcible Detainer Eviction Counterclaim is on my website for 75.00 to allow anyone facing eviction an opportunity to fight to stay in your home, however, there is a catch. When you invest in this package you have to do the work and there is no phone support. You are buying and you have to figure it out on your own, that said the package does come with support from our Facebook foreclosure rescue private group. You will have the support of group members and my self.

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