Foreclosure Defense Lawsuit Package
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Year: 2019
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Non- Judicial Foreclosure Defense Lawsuit Package

The New Way To Stop Foreclosures.

This lawsuit package will provide you with the documentation to get your title dispute on the court record In Federal Court. Our strategy will teach you how to block the eviction process. This package will help you get control of the proceedings in State Court by filing your wrongful foreclosure lawsuit in Federal Court. Once you create your title dispute you will challenge the jurisdiction of the eviction court using one of the documents in the packet. The eviction court does not have jurisdiction to rule on a title dispute. Then you will file the “removal document” in Federal Court to remove the case from State Court to Federal Court be connected with the title dispute. Now you will move the Federal Court to Moot the eviction (immediate possession) issue until the title dispute is settled. The court cannot make a determination on immediate possession until the title dispute is settled.  We coach you and make sure you understand the strategy and the content of the lawsuit. I have added a second lawsuit document to this package. One lawsuit is non-conventional and the other is a more conventional lawsuit for those who prefer the more conventional strategy.

Client’s Sucess:

Our clients are having success with this package and it is on sale for only 500.00. There are 24 documents in this lawsuit package since we added the lawsuit package you will need to sue the judge for helping the attorneys. The documents will address a non-judicial foreclosure at any stage of the foreclosure process. Now you have affordable option tools and resources to help you get control of your foreclosure situation. Click on the link and make your investment to save your house from foreclosure. Also, click on the link below and subscribe to our youtube channel to receive un-conventional foreclosure defense tips, and strategies, in our new videos.

This is a great tool for those drafting their own foreclosure defense documents.

When you make your investment into this lawsuit package you will receive The following foreclosure defense documents in a zip file. You will receive two different lawsuit documents one is non-conventional and the other lawsuit document is more conventional. You can decide which lawsuit document you will file to start your lawsuit. These documents need to be personalized and tailored to fit your foreclosure situation.

  1. The non-judicial wrongful foreclosure lawsuit (non-conventional):
  2. The conventional wrongful foreclosure lawsuit:
  3. The restraining order:
  4. Notice of Default
  5. Motion to challenge eviction court’s jurisdiction:
  6. Motion to remove the eviction case to Federal Court:
  7. The lawsuit against the 3rd buyer:
  8. Demand to strike attorney pleadings:
  9. Motion for sanctions:
  10. I have also included the Magistrate Judge Reconsideration package in this package to sue the judge for helping the attorneys. This is what you need to take control.
  11. Take Action Now!

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