Foreclosure Eviction Lawsuit Package
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Year: 2019
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Foreclosure eviction court counterclaim

It’s Not Too Late To Fight!

Foreclosure Eviction Lawsuit Package

This state court claim will be used by anyone who filed their wrongful foreclosure lawsuit or a title dispute and was ignored by the eviction court. This package is good for those who filed a lawsuit and created the title dispute to block eviction court’s jurisdiction but the court ignored your defense and moved forward with the eviction. If you provided evidence there was a title dispute on and the eviction court proceeded without jurisdiction, you can use this document to get back in court and sue for wrongful eviction something they are not used to facing.

Advantages Of The Foreclosure Eviction State Court Claim:


  1. This lawsuit can be filed in State court as your lawsuit against the people who unlawfully evicted you. This is a different defensive path than the conventional foreclosure defense program.
  2. You are filing this lawsuit in State Court (Not eviction court) against the eviction judge, the attorney, and the 3rd party buyer for wrongful eviction. Eviction court is not a court of record and that is why they cannot rule on a title dispute.
  3. You will force the parties to hire attorneys to prove they did not violate your constitutional rights and the law. The problem is the court record will show when the title dispute was created.
  4. The court record will show the evidence was presented to the eviction court judge, it was ignored and the judge proceeded with the eviction unlawfully.

I can’t wait to see how they try and respond to this new lawsuit package for wrongful eviction.

5. This lawsuit is for wrongful eviction and how cool would it be to file your lawsuit against the eviction court judge and the parties responsible for your eviction in State Court. According to their rules, they have to stop the entire eviction process when there is a title dispute.

6. With this new lawsuit package for wrongful eviction, you can take control of your eviction situation and get your self back in court to fight.                                                

In this lawsuit package you will receive the following documents:

  1. The 1 State Counterclaim for wrongful eviction. This will be the 1st document you need to get filed. This is to be used after you have filed your lawsuit for wrongful foreclosure and created your title dispute in federal court. Once you provide constructive evidence of your title dispute by law they are supposed to stop the eviction process.
  2. The restraining order should be the 2nd document filed. I would not show it to the clerk until you get your lawsuit filed. Then you handwrite the case number in the restraining order and file it.
  3. The cease and desist letter and a copy of your birth certificate should be attached to your lawsuit to prove that you are a citizen of the republic state you were born in. This proves you are not subject to the court’s statutory jurisdiction. If you were born in another country and are not a naturalized citizen you will have to skip this process.
  4. The demand to strike notice of appearance is to be used if an attorney from the law firm the attorney works for tries to represent the attorney you listed in the counterclaim.
  5. The new entry of appearance is for homeowners that had to fire their attorney to get in my program. This document informs the court and all parties that no documents will be filed or removed from your case by B.A.R. members and without your signed consent.
  6. You will also receive a copy of the new affidavit document.

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