Medical Collection Dispute Letter
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Year: 2019
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Repair Your Credit Score!

Medical Collection Dispute Letter

This Medical collection dispute letter can stop medical bill collections and you can make them repair your credit score. This medical bill collection dispute letter addresses the fact the medical Facility violated HIPAA laws when they and failed to provide the standard level of security and protection. The medical facility breached your health care private information by selling it to a 3rd party debt collector for profit after the account was charged off.                                                                              Charged Off Account:

The medical facility unlawfully sold your “Charged Off” account to 3rd party collector via electronic transfer and the subcontractor (3rd party collector). The debt collector did not have the programs and safeguards in place to protect your health care private information.

Requirements for Subcontractors:

Covered Entities must have contracts in place with their Business Associates, ensuring that they use and disclose your healthcare information properly and safeguard it appropriately. Business Associates must also have similar contracts with subcontractors. Business Associates (including subcontractors) must follow the Privacy Rule and the safeguard requirements of the Security Rule.

Your Billing Information Is Covered Under HIPAA:

Your Billing information is protected under HIPAA and that protected billing information was unlawfully released to the 3rd party debt collector (collection agency/law firm). The 3rd party debt collectors do not have any of the legal requirements in place to be in compliance with HIPAA and other Federal Laws.

 Your Damages:

You were damaged when false information was reported to the credit reporting agencies which caused your credit score to drop below subprime. This drop in your credit score has affected your situation in many, ways you have been rejected for housing based on the low credit score. You were forced to accept high-interest rates on your auto loan and you have been rejected for prime rate credit cards. You have been charged more for auto insurance coverage and have been rejected service by medical health care facilities. This dispute letter will stop the 3rd party bill collectors who are making an attempt to extort money from you when they have provided no consideration to me what so ever. The strategy of using this document is to force the 3dr party collection agency to comply with your demands. The debt collector will not want the medical facility to face Federal Charges. The debt collector will also not want to lose the account with the medical facility. This dispute letter had been successful for several clients. Now you can stop the 3rd party medical debt collections and make them repair your credit score for 20.95 what a great DEAL!

Strategy For Using This Document:

You need to serve this letter on the debt collectors return receipt so you will have verification they received it. Corporate rules require you serve and allow a corporation  60- days notice before you file the lawsuit. In this case this notice time you will use to back them in the corner and make them think your next move will be to serve this on the medical facility and lose the account. If the attorney for the collector’s contacts you should tell him in a few days you will serve the medical facility the lawsuit document. You should tell him all you are asking for at this time is to discharge the alleged debt and to contact the credit reporting agencies and remove the derogatory information that was reported to them. I would request confirmation (by letter) the dispute has been settled and the credit reporting agencies have been contacted.

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