Notice of Claim Against- Judge
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Year: 2020
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Notice Of Claim Against- Judge

Notice of Claim Against- Judge is the new lawsuit package you need to file your notice of claim against the judge who illegally dismissed your jurisdictional challenge with an affidavit. The package is complete and will be posted on the website today. The attorney is the party who must respond by counter-affidavit to your challenge. The Judge is out of line when he/she responds and dismisses your challenge without jurisdiction.

We Have Learned How To Cut To The Chase:

We have been learning how to cut to the chase and get right down to business. If the judge is going to help the attorney, we must hold the judge liable in civil court. Notice of claim against- judge

Now We Are Stepping Up!

This Notice of Claim Against- Judge,  package has a notice of claim specific for the judge violating you by taking jurisdiction without judicial authority!

The notice of claim is also the claim. When you are ready to file your claim (if you need to) all you must do is remove the “notice” and now it is your civil claim. You want to file it in the State case as a notice of claim and the supporting documents to re-gain control of the case. Once you jam up the judge you will have time to get your lawsuit filed in Federal court if you need, to get a fair chance to fight for your property.

This lawsuit package can be used if you filed your own motion to challenge the court’s jurisdiction and the judge ignored your challenge. All you would need to do is personalize the document to fit your situation and you will ready to file your objection and notice of claim against the judge and take control of your foreclosure. Once you get the claim filed you will file the motion to strike the judge’s order from the record, and next up is the motion to recuse the judge’s ass!

Statutory Jurisdiction:

I have added the U. S. A. affidavit of state citizenship so you can reclaim your State citizenship to remove yourself from the court’s statutory jurisdiction. Remember when you are a state citizen the court’s statutory jurisdiction does Not apply to you without an injured party. The attorneys never have an injured party because of the fact the attorneys are illegally foreclosing acting as 3rd party debt collectors, and therefore the court will not have jurisdiction without an injured party. You must use this package to block the judge’s order in the state court to give you time to file your lawsuit against the judge in federal court if you need to do so.

The Fraud:

The B.A.R. members including the judges have a 90% chance they can get away with violating you in court because 80% of Americans cannot afford to hire an attorney, and I think the same number of people do not trust attorneys.

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This package is on sale for only 200.00 and contains:

  1. The Objection and Notice of Claim.
  2. The Motion to Strike The Judge’s Order.
  3. The Motion to Recuse.
  4. The U.S.A. Affidavit of State Citizenship.
  5. The Entry of Appearance.
  6. The Civil Cover Sheet Answers.
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  9. #suethejudge

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