Notice Of Claim Against The Judge
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Year: 2019
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A judge with the hammer in his hand and his head down on the deskNotice of claim against the Judge document can use against the Judge if he throws you under the bus by ruling outside of the law.

Magistrate Only Has Jurisdiction Upon Signed Consent:

People don’t understand the Magistrate Judge only has jurisdiction upon the signed consent of all parties. This is one of the ways the court violated your rights. The court figures since you did not object to a lessor judge you are in agreement even though the consent form is not signed.

The Magistrate Judge Does The Dirty Work:

Notice of claim against the judge is needed when the court allows the Magistrate Judge to do the dirty work to protect the District Judge. If you complain the court will claim you were in agreement because you did not object. The court will also claim you agreed to the lessor judge to hear your case so your case will move faster through the court.

When The Court Violates Your Rights:

Once the court violates your rights you have to step up and hold the B.A.R. members accountable otherwise the violation will continue until they dismiss your case. People must understand the attorney’s number one job is to protect the Judge and the court. The court will continue to throw you under the bus until you force them to visualize the shared civil liability.

When The Judge Ignores The Fact:

This document was drafted to address the issues of the Judge ignoring the notice of default filed against the defendants for failure to respond within the 21-days to your lawsuit. This document can be used against the Judge for him/her ruling against you in violation of the law and or statutes.

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