Foreclosure Counterclaim- State Court
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Year: 2019
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Foreclosure Counterclaim- State Court

Foreclosure Counterclaim- State Court was drafted to give homeowners who do not have the money to pay the filing fee in federal court an option to defend their property.

Challenge To Jurisdiction:

This lawsuit package challenged the court’s jurisdiction for starters based on the fact you are a citizen of the Republic State you were born in, and therefore the court’s statutory jurisdiction does not apply to you. The homeowner is not a citizen of the United States The Federal Corporation.

State Citizen:

You need to provide a copy of your birth certificate and of a copy of your new passport card filled out to show you are a state citizen as referenced in the youtube video “how to get on the do not detain list”.

State Counterclaim Lawsuit Package

There are many other issues we are listing as claims for relief. This is a new document and is about to earn its first default as the attorneys were not able to respond to the state citizenship issues. This lawsuit package can help you get control of your foreclosure situation without the need to pay the 400.00 filing fee needed for filing in Federal Court. This package contains everything you need to challenge the foreclosure in state court. This new concept of reclaiming state citizenship is a powerful tool because of the fact-fiction a court has no jurisdiction over a real person. This package is new but about to get it first stop in state court.

foreclosure counterclaim- state Court

The New Way To Stop Foreclosures!

This lawsuit package contains:

  1. The New Entry of Appearance:
  2. 5.5 Million Dollar State Court Counterclaim:
  3. Demand to Strike:
  4. Motion for Sanctions:
  5. A lawsuit against the 3rd Party Buyer
  6. Cease and Desist Letter                      Here is a link to my google reviews:

    This link is to my youtube channel:

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