Stop Judicial Foreclosure Lawsuit Package
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Year: 2019
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Stop Judicial Foreclosure Lawsuit Package:

It’s time to stop playing around!

We have a Stop Judicial Lawsuit Package you can personalize and file to get control of your foreclosure situation today.

Update: We have updated this lawsuit package by adding the “Magistrate Judge Reconsideration Package” to this package. Now you have what you need to demand reconsideration and sue the judge for helping the attorneys. We are learning how to cut to the chase. If the judge is going to help the attorneys we will sue the judge!

The Stop Judicial Lawsuit Package can be personalized in a short amount of time, and we are available for support to make sure you understand the document and the strategy behind using the lawsuit package documents.

Whats Makes Us Different:

We show you how to attack the attorneys trying to steal your home. I think the attorneys are the plaintiffs in the foreclosure against your property. My opinion is the attorneys are the ones stealing properties using unlawful foreclosures and I think the bank is waiting in the shadows for your house to be sold for loss at the auction so the bank can cash in on the mortgage insurance they made you sign for at signing. Stop and think about it, no one from the bank ever showed up for any of the hearings. The players are the attorneys (bar members) and this included the judge investors, realtors, the Sheriff Department and many others behind the scenes helping this illegal process continue.

My Wrongful Foreclosure Lawsuit Strategy Is Unconventional:

My lawsuit strategy is unconventionally in our lawsuit packages we list the attorneys as the number one defendant and the law firm as the number 2 defendant. We add the lender or servicer as the 3rd party because we want the attorney to take the heat for the crimes the lender and the trustee committed. By adding the attorney as the number one defendant creates a procedural issue with the attorneys because they cannot litigate a case they are a party to, and they cannot represent themself in court. So now they have to hire an attorney or law firm to represent them in court and you are costing them money and time while you make them answer to your lawsuit. Now you are running the show while their lawsuit is in the lower court on the back burner.

We also as the “trustee” to the lawsuit because of the fact the trustee is supposed to protect you and be fair to both parties the trustee cannot give an advantage to any eighter party and the trustee cannot have dual functions. I can’t wait to see the trustee and the attorneys face when they see they are named on a lawsuit filed in Federal Court. Now you are attacking the actual people responsible for the theft attempt of your property.

My goal is not to win the foreclosure but to teach you to do the things first that will help your family stay in your home. To accomplish this goal you have to break this foreclosure problem into smaller sections so you can manage the fear better. I have been through what the horrible experience you are facing and that makes me different than scammers, and I hope by now you can feel my desire to help, that my service is real and I’ Don’t Play!

Once your action is filed in Federal Court the attorney will have to answer to your lawsuit. Protect your family and your property by filing your own lawsuit against them in Federal Court

We have the stop judicial foreclosure lawsuit ready for you to personalize and file, It takes most people about an hour or so following the instruction on the last page to get the lawsuit filled out and ready to file. This will be the best investment you will ever make in your future.

When you make your investment into this stop judicial foreclosure lawsuit package you will receive the following foreclosure defense documents in a zip file. You will receive two different lawsuit documents. One will be non-conventional and the other lawsuit document will be a more convention lawsuit. You will need to make a decision as to which document fits your case and style. You will need to personalize the documents to fit your situation.

  1. The non-conventional foreclosure lawsuit:
  2. Conventional lawsuit document.
  3. The restraining order:
  4. Notice of Default:
  5. Motion to challenge eviction court’s jurisdiction:
  6. The lawsuit against the 3rd buyer:
  7. Demand to strike attorney pleadings:
  8. Motion for sanctions:
  9. Affidavit:
  10. Cease and Desist Letter:

These are the documents you need to get the judicial foreclosure under control. This foreclosure package is on sale today for half price, only 850.00

This is a wonderful Deal, you will be investing 121.42 in each foreclosure defense document you need to save your home.

Take Action Today!

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