Vacate Foreclosure Judgment South Carolina
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vacate foreclosure judgment s. c.

Hold the judge accountable!

Vacate Foreclosure Judgement  South Carolina

Vacate foreclosure judgment South Carolina is important if you are facing an unlawful foreclosure judgment in South Carolina or were unlawfully evicted after judgment by the Master of Equity Judge or the magistrate judge. If this is you, my Demand to Vacate motion for lack of jurisdiction can help you get your foot back in the door.

                                                                                         Holding The Judge Accountable:

If you need to vacate foreclosure judgment, South Carolina, you will never have a chance to be heard in court if you don’t hold the Judge accountable for maliciously neglecting his judicial duties. The District Judge acts outside the scope of his judicial capacity and obstructs the administration of justice when he re-assigns the foreclosure case to a lesser judge without consent form all parties. This demand to vacate the foreclosure judgment document addresses the fact the judge did not have jurisdiction to rule and take your property for the following reasons. a. there was no consent to allow the magistrate or master of equity judge to be involved in the case.

b. The amount in controversy was over 7500.00 the maximum limit for the magistrate/ master of equity judge.

c. The attorney is a foreign agent and therefore the action must be filed in Federal Court.

e. There is a fatal flaw to the action the attorney’s filed in state court. The attorney through fraud listed the lender as the plaintiff when the attorney is actually acting as a debt collector, collecting on behalf of his law firm.

                                              Master Of Equity Judge’s Lack Of Jurisdiction:

The Master of Equity Judge maliciously neglected his judicial duties when he ruled and unlawfully granted your property to someone else without jurisdiction or consent from all parties.

This motion to vacate the unlawful foreclosure addresses the issues of the judge operating outside the law and without jurisdiction. If the judge dismisses your motion to vacate you will be in a position to file your notice of appeal.

I’m going to list this document at the ridiculously low price of 75.00 to help struggling families in S. C. This document can be altered to fit any state.

                               The Goal Is To Get You Back In Court:

The strategy will be to use this set of documents and to get your yourself back onto the court, then we will have a strategy phone session to figure out a game plan to help you get control of your foreclosure. This document doesn’t come with Phone support. If you have ay questions you may ask them in the private Facebook page The link is posted below.

You buy it and you have to figure it out. I can only sell these packages cheap if I do not provide support.

This package has the following documents.

a. The S.C. motion to vacate the foreclosure judgment:

b. The United States Of America Affidavit of State citizenship.

c. demand to strike the attorney’s notice of appearance.

d. Motion for 5.5 million in sanctions against the attorney.

I can’t believe I’m giving you all of this for only 75.00!

This is the deal of the century!


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