This Is A Motion For Sanctions Against The Attorney Coming After You

This Is A Motion For Sanctions Against The Attorney Coming After You
Year: 2017
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Force The Attorney To Prove He Did The Proper Investigation!

This Sanction Motion Can Help You Get The Case Stopped!

Attorneys are expected to perform a reasonable “Pre-filing investigation.” Rule 11 states in part that attorneys must not file suit without evidentiary support for the allegations contained in the complaint. The standard for determining whether a pleading is well grounded in fact for Rule 11 purposes is, according to Hillsborough County v. A & E Road Oiling Service, Inc., 160 F.R.D. 655, 659 (M.D. Fla. 1995), “objectively reasonable under the circumstances.” A filing meets this requirement if there is some evidentiary basis for the position taken at the time the pleading is signed. This document will shift the focus to whether the attorney did a reasonable pre-filing investigation and if the claim are baseless. These attorneys own rule is what he must follow or we can request sanction in the form of your choice, maybe to dismiss the case?

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