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Mr. Neighbors is very experienced in this field. He goes beyond the call of duty on behalf of his clients. I certainly would recommend to anyone that needs this type of help to speak with him before consulting legal advice. He can help direct your path to victory and save you a lot of money and time.

Linda Expose
1 review
The information on this site is excellent. Guy gives you a wealth of information that helps you fight a wrongful foreclosure. You can text, email or call and he will explain anything and I do mean anything that you don't understand and walk you through the process. I still can't believe I found this site, Guy truly was a godsend. Thank you



Best Decision Ever

sunny sing
6 reviews
Guy, is excellent extremely knowledgeable. I invested in the BGG the non-judicial package. The package is pretty much self-explanatory but Guy is there to help you along the way with any questions as he did for me. I highly recommend
Caleb Walsh
1 review
Guy, is one of the foremost experts on residential foreclosure defenses in the nation. His information comes from first-hand experience and I highly recommend his materials without a doubt!

The New Way To Stop Foreclosures!

2 reviews
If you’re here reading this review then you won’t be second-guessing yourself on what to do. Guy has a heart so big it’s amazing how it fits in his chest!! He guides you through the process with a different way of doing things. He teaches you about the court system you never thought imaginable!! I’m talking about the crookedness on how they work!! You won’t find this info anywhere else!!! So if you’re in foreclosure or about to don’t wait or you gotta think about it, don't hesitate to purchase one of his packages. Especially if you are in a non-judicial foreclosure time is limited!!!

No Hidden Fees!

Wesley Edwards
3 reviews
I'm greatly satisfied and very delighted to have found Guy and to be a customer of one of his legal programs, I'm an ex-big 5 bank employee and I use to work in the Foreclose department and I'm familiar with the language and jargon, but Guy is light years beyond anything that I learned at We*** F*R** and his methods and strategies or next to none, I highly recommend him and trust me you can now sleep at night knowing that Guy Neighbors is on your case.
Basia N
1 review
Guy, is simply put - amazing. Always available in a prompt manner to help or answer a question(s). He is also very knowledgeable in his field.
Phyllis Burris
2 reviews
I highly recommend Coach Guy and his Lawsuit Packages. God Bless this man for his great advice and helping those of us facing foreclosure. Take his advice and do not get an attorney to represent you. Your Attorneys will only try to help the Mortgage Lenders/Lien Holders and Mortgage Servicers' accelerate the foreclosure proceedings. Guy, knows exactly what you should do and which lawsuit packages you will need.. Because of his advice, 6 months later, I still have the property and continue to challenge the Mortgage Lien Holders in Federal Court Pro- se and in Probate Court for their Mortgage Fraud & Wrongful Foreclosure to stop their foreclosure proceedings. I spoke with Guy by phone several times back in February 2019, regarding the lenders trying to foreclose ASAP on the property I inherited. I ordered his Mortgage Fraud & Wrongful Foreclosure Lawsuit Program back in February 2019. I immediately filed my $5.5 Million Dollar Mortgage Fraud and Wrongful Foreclosure Lawsuit along with the Temporary Restraining Order. Even though the Defendants' Deutsche Bank, one of the Largest Banks in the World, have tried to dismiss the lawsuit.... I am still submitting Motions and evidence and pleadings to validate the mortgage fraud schemes they have used to get wrongful foreclosures against me and others so that I may get a jury trial. Guy, is the only person who will help you stop foreclosure and help you remain in your home. Please order his Lawsuit Packages today and file your Lawsuit in Federal Court asap! Trust me, if I have been able to stop one of the Largest Banks in World, Deutsche Bank, from taking my home by using Guy's Lawsuit Packages, then you can stop your Banks/Investors etc. Lien Holders too!
Valerie Michelle
2 reviews
📢 This man went above and beyond when he didn't have to. Worked long hours working on documents to get for court on very short notice. It was always easy to get ahold of for expert advice throughout the entire process. It made me feel comfortable and confident during our time together. If you want someone who truly cares and wants to help people this is your Guy!! Guy Neighbors is one of a kind and his service is amazing!
Nobody Panic
1 review
We have been fighting a 3rd party debt buyer and their sleazy attorneys for 3yrs now, on an unlawful foreclosure. With complaints made to the Tx attorney general, FTC, Hud, and the FBI. They foreclosed on our homestead with a bunch of fabricated documents Robo signed backdated and then entered into the court against us then add the district judge who believed all their lives even when we presented the truth and he still gave them an order of sale This gentleman has helped us with more information than all of the above agencies together and he is also the only one who gave us information on what we could do ourselves to save our home. Thank You, Sir, God Bless You For Helping the Underdog (aka, homeowners). KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!
Joe Chapa
3 reviews
Guy, is a Godsend has awesome answers for everything you might have to deal with.
tom kibler
1 review
Guy knows his stuff and is not too timid to play hardball.

Ang Albright

1 review a month ago.

He has stayed steady with helping me get a divorce, the state of NC are jerks and he has not given up yet! Guy also made a contract for me. He is amazing and I'll probably always use him!

Done Quick and Easy No Attorneys

Andrew Neighbors 3 reviews 9 months ago Absolutely the best money ever spent. The marriage dissolution document worked perfectly. I was very skeptical at first because it is unheard of, but it worked. I even went down to the county clerks office the next day typed my name in a record search and verified that my marriage was dissolved. Helpful?


Statistics show 80% of Americans cannot afford to hire an attorney and 52% of Americans live one emergency away from struggling. I started this business to provide an affordable option for the 80% of Americans who otherwise would have no chance to fight.

I use un-conventional foreclosure defense strategies based on facts of the foreclosure case. Most people fail to list the party who signed to initiate the foreclosure as the number one defendant. In most cases, it is the attorney who initiated the unlawful foreclosure, not the bank. I think the bank is waiting in the shadows for the house to sell for a loss so they can make a claim on the mortgage insurance the lender took out at signing. When you add the attorney to the wrongful foreclosure lawsuit it forces the attorney to hire an attorney to represent them. The attorney cannot represent them self’s in court and they cannot litigate a case they are a party to. Using this strategy cost the attorney time and money and helps you hold the party attacking your property accountable in court. I don’t allow the limitation set for an attorney to interfere with my foreclosure defense strategies. People need to understand the conventional foreclosure defense strategy does not work for homeowners. The conventional foreclosure defense program was crafted by the same b.a.r. members that are trying to steal your property. The only chance I see for homeowners is to join a program that will provide you with the legal documents, strategies, and coaching you need to help you get your title dispute on the record in Federal Court.

Advocates For Justice Paralegal Service, “we are different and we prove it”

Why Us?

We offer an unconventional approach to foreclosure defense. My interest is making sure homeowners find value in my lawsuit packages and documents. I have no extra fees, once you make your initial investment you will have open access to other documents in my inventory you may need to accomplish your goal for investing. I’m not an attorney and I never want to be one. I will never lie to you or sell you out.

Disclaimer: I am Not an attorney and I do not give out legal advice. I am a foreclosure defense Coach and use non- conventional foreclosure defense coaching strategies and tips. You are filing the documents are your own risk and it is your responsibility to manage your lawsuit. I will provide you with the tools you need to get your title dispute on the record in Federal Court. When you invest in your lawsuit package you will receive the documents listed in the package. I will review any questions you have pertaining to the contents of the lawsuit documents or the strategy for using the documents. Once you get your document personalized and filed it will be your responsibility to manage your lawsuit. I'm not an attorney, I' suggest, if this is your first time filing in court you may consider hiring someone who can help you or a paralegal, in your state. It will be your responsibility to reply to the defendant’s response. That said I will help where I can, within my area of expertise. I am not an attorney and I have no association with an attorney or law firm.



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“Never let your fear decide your fate”

- Coach Neighbors-

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