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Stop Your Foreclosure With Help From A Paralegal Attorneys Hate

Advocates For Justice Paralegal Services is structured by a paralegal who got sick of watching attorneys, take people's money, and throw them under the bus. This service is structured by someone who went through what you are facing.

I know what it feels like to worry about that knock on the door in the morning. I have researched the loopholes in the attorney's program and structured lawsuit packages to help you attack these loopholes. 

I structured a non-conventional foreclosure defense program where you learn to sue the attorney who signed to start the foreclosure against your property.

In this program, you will also get the lawsuit documents to sue the judge when the judge helps the attorneys by dismissing your documents without the attorney proving jurisdiction on the record. 

We have learned how to cut to the chase. The judge is going to help them and you will be ready to object, file for reconsideration, and your notice of claim. Next, you will file your motion to recuse the judge. They cannot move forward without a judge!

Learn how to stop judicial, non-judicial foreclosure, and tax lien foreclosure processes using my products.

The best part about my program is you can attack the attorneys for stealing your house for up to 15-yrs. ago.

Click on Get Legal Defense Package and start your journey to the truth.

The Eliminate Property Tax Lawsuit Package: The solution to your property tax problem.

The property tax is a huge scam, and here is how you stop them without an attorney. Your state real estate deed transfer statutes mandate the deed is to be delivered after the sale. The attorneys did not deliver your deed to you as mandated by the law. Instead, they did what they call a “constructive” delivery, and unlawfully registered your property deed in their office. Once your deed is registered in their office your property is re-classified (to avoid violating the constitution). There is no law that forces property owners to register their property deeds in the county recorders' office.

This lawsuit package is designed for you to formally demand your property deed be removed from their database and delivered to you as per the state real estate deed transfer laws. The County recorder’s office has no legal grounds to deny your demand. If they refuse your demand to have your property deed removed from their office, you will sue them with the lawsuit in this package. Most folks who use this package never have to file a lawsuit, and they are forced to sign a non-disclosure statement as to the settlement arrangement they agreed to.

  1. If you can follow the instructions this will be a piece of cake.
  2. What would you pay for a lawsuit package that will teach you how to eliminate your property taxes?
  3. I know it sounds crazy.
  4. You will be shocked at how many lies we have been fed for years!
  5. This will change your life!
  6.  Click on Get Legal Defense Package and start your journey to the truth.
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My Story

My family was attacked by the government. It started out when my wife (a small business owner) refused to be bullied by a few out-of-control city police officers. The few officers decided they were going to teach my wife a lesson. You know I was not going to stand by while they harass my wife. I raised a huge stink when the feds were called in to beat us down, and they revoked my bond and arrested me for blogging. 

They locked me up for a few months then offered me a deal to get out. They tried to get me to lie on my wife. Of course, I told them what they could kiss. They got mad and my attorney told the court that I was Incompetent. 

They shipped me all across the United States for mental evaluations in 4 different States. They sent me back to the federal medical with a forced medication order. I appeal the forced medication order and won. The whole nightmare sucked up 33- months of my life.  Now I'm making all the attorneys pay by teaching others how to make them go and sit the hell down. I'm not sharing my story for folks to feel sorry for me.

I want you to understand why very passionate about my service. I'm willing to do whatever it takes.

It's never too late to fight!

Uncovering Illegal Collusion

When I figured out that the debt collector did not have any consideration in the alleged debt and paid it for pennies on the dollar, it became crystal clear that the collector lied on the petition when he listed the alleged creditor as the plaintiff. The real plaintiff unlawfully collecting the alleged debt was the attorney they were working with.

How the Program Works

My Non-Judicial And Judicial Wrongful Foreclosure Defense Lawsuit Package is a step-by-step game plan to stopping the foreclosure process yourself. You must watch the instructional video on my YouTube channel and learn how to use the documents in the lawsuit packages. My YouTube channel also offers homeowners free tips and access to over 180 plus foreclosure defense videos that you can use in the fight. I offer group coaching in our private Facebook group. You will not only learn the strategies to fighting back against unlawful foreclosure you will also get legal documents to help you file your title dispute lawsuit in state or federal court to take control.

Sue Dishonest Judges and Attorneys

We have learned how to cut to the chase and build the court record showing the judge took jurisdiction without legal authority.          When the judge helps the attorney, you will use the court record as your evidence when filing your lawsuit against the judge and the attorney. You will address the fact the attorney is the only one who signed the foreclosure documents against your house. The attorney is illegally foreclosing acting as a third-party debt collector. The biggest mistake homeowners make is thinking the lender is the foreclosing party. Now you can sue the attorney and judge trying to steal your house with your 5.5-Million-dollar lawsuit.


What the Package Includes

  • Instructional video

  • The $5.5-million lawsuit for non-judicial wrongful foreclosure including instructions

  • Non-judicial restraining order/injunction

  • New entry of appearance

  • Civil cover sheet answers

  • Affidavit template

  • Objection and notice of removal so that the case can be moved to federal court

  • Cease-and-desist letter

  • Notice of default document

Free Lawsuit Packages

Besides free group coaching on my Facebook page, you also get the following when you buy my Non-Judicial Wrongful Foreclosure Defense Package:

  • Jurisdictional Challenge With Affidavit ($850 Value) – This document package can block any pending state court processes against your property and give you time to get your title dispute filed in federal court.

  • Magistrate Reconsideration Lawsuit Package ($1,200 Value)


" I am so excited, I just got started with this Battle, and believe I will win!! Of course with Guy's sincere assistance and a program that really says it all! Nothing out there yet, can compare. All of his work is not only comprehensive and thorough but RIGHT on a DIME!! I knew enough about his type of work, after reading his Court Papers to know, this HAS to Work!! I have been involved with other groups, and a lot of what he has is right on, just never put towards the Attorneys who are the culprit! Extremely IMPRESSED!! "

- Joyce Decormier, Senior Property Management

" I bought the Property Tax Lawsuit package from Guy. I had just a few days to respond to the Tax lien foreclosure. I must say that this package contains documents that you would need to fight the crooked courts and counties that are stealing your money through unlawful taxation. And this is what you are telling these crooks. That what they are doing is illegal and with this package, you are putting them on the check. There is a Notice of Claim to give them the opportunity to cure, but there is also a Civil Lawsuit in Federal court for violation of your civil rights for 5.5 million U.S. Dollars. That should scare them into submission. You will understand better the package if you have background info of the U.S.A. Corporation Vs the U.S. Republic. But even if you have no background and you follow instructions, the counties and courts will know the powerful defense you have in your hand. I recommend this package to anybody who wants to stop the theft of these crooks from taking your many with unlawful property taxation. "


My “Perfect” Guarantee

I know you are going to fall in love with the Judicial and Non-Judicial Wrongful Foreclosure Defense Package. If it does not apply to your case, I will consider returning your money.

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