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I started this business because I was sick of watching attorneys steal people’s hope while charging them thousands of dollars. Now you have an affordable option to stop the illegal foreclosure process. My wrongful foreclosure lawsuit packages are on sale for only 400.00. These packages contain everything you need to stop the foreclosure and sue the judge for helping the attorney. I figure you can screw up your own foreclosure case, you do not have to pay an attorney to do it for you, lol. I have learned their loopholes and used the 603 members in our private Facebook page to provide real-time feedback on how the attorneys were trying to get out of the lawsuit document. The real-time feedback allowed me to structure the lawsuit packages we are beating them down with today. I specialize in foreclosure defense and provide the wrongful foreclosure lawsuit packages you need to sue the attorney who signed to start the foreclosure against your property.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

  • My reply: You don’t have a case until you pay and file as the plaintiff, otherwise, you are in their case getting punched in the face by the judge the state paid.
  • This is why you must take my program to their case and shut it down.
  • You must click on the product tab and study the lawsuit descriptions very carefully.
  • Then one must go to my YouTube channel and find the instructional video playlist to review the instructional video for the lawsuit package.
  • You must study all the updated instructional videos in the instructional video playlist because I make changes all the time based on real-time feedback from folks in my coaching groups.

The long answer is their legal system is corrupt and we have discovered that there is more value in attacking the why, as opposed to the what.
Here we attack the reason they were able to do the sale or the eviction, and in most cases, we ended up suing the state, and the players for the state’s day-to-day procedure they use to get control of your property deed.
Now your lawsuit is attacking the fact that the state’s normal procedures allowed you to be violated in the situation you were facing.

The goal of this legal program is to teach you how to stop the court process and get your deed removed from their office and delivered as per the state law.

No, never call me when you are in a state of fear!
I do not accept phone calls for the 600.00 lawsuit packages.
I do make phone calls to folks who invest in my 1500.00 premium packages after I receive a short question about why you need to communicate.I decide if I need to call the folks who invest in my premium packages after I read their question

Yes, it’s best to copy and paste each document you need to personalize into your Word file as a new document and make your changes there to be saved on your computer or one drive.